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  1. I agree with those above...Hillary will "win" Pennsylvania but not by the 10 point margin the media says she needs to gain some ground on Obama.It's kind of strange how this battle kind of has the feel of a Republican vs Democrat battle. It's getting nasty at times and it has split the party somewhat.I don't even think the issues matter anymore because I never hear about the issues in the news anymore.
  2. Did anyone catch that last week when someone was on CNN talking about the election to Wolfe Blitzer and the guy said Pennsylvania would vote for for whoever Sidney Crosby told them to.Wolfe had a puzzled look on his face and asked..."Who's Sidney Crosby?"
  3. For those that win a seat to the WSOP main event, do they have to use the buy-in for the main event? or can they use it to buy-in to some smaller WSOP events because they have a better chance of winning those?
  4. Boy when Ovechkin shows up for the game and is flying around he is very dangerous. It's great to see. I hope game 7 goes into quadruple overtime.
  5. Habs won and that's all that matters really. Whether it is 4-0 or 5-0 I don't think the extra goal was runnung up the score. I'd like to see them start round 2 off the way they finished game 7.
  6. It will be a tough series no matter who the play. That's what I like about the NHL playoffs. It's a new season and nothing is guaranteed.
  7. Yeah it should get to 900 in the few hours leading up to the tournament on Wednesday.I hear Dave Foley wants to knock out Phil Gordon....or so the unconfirmed rumor goes
  8. OLE.....OLE...OLE...OLE...OLE.....OLE....OLE...OLE...OLE.WHO'S NEXT?That was a great game by Price. Boston was outshooting Montreal and Price was holding the fort until the team managed to get him a cushion and then put it away. If they can play well and Price can well like that, they won't need 7 games next round.
  9. Yeah Dallas woke up and scored two quick goals there.If Calgary can take the game they played tonight into San Jose, then they will finish off San Jose. They are such an up and down team so I don't know.Does Colorado want to face Detroit or Dallas next?
  10. Oh boy did they have quite the rivalry going due to the Claude Lemieux on Draper hit. That brawl that resulted later was something else. Even the goalies doing a little dance. Should still be an interesting series though.
  11. That was a perfect game. It makes you wonder where those guys go sometimes. The red mile lives on for awhile longer. I would like to see something the NHL would not... Montreal vs Calgary in the Cup again.
  12. With a girlfriend like that...how do you find the time to play poker? Now, just wait for the..."Since you play poker all the time...I'm going to ___________." (fill in the blank)
  13. That would be a sick feeling that would take a long while to get rid of.As for Hachem...Of all the hands to put his opponent on, how did he come to think it was 8 5? You would think after the raise and re-raise and hachem holding a straight he would be forced to call there.
  14. gg game Sportsmack (Amlew). You were right in there. I wish we all could have triple teamed on the final table.
  15. Thx for the stake. Sorry it didn't get into the money at least. 29/180 is just as good as 180/180I was hitting garbage cards I couldn't even gamble with.Typical way to go out though...Ahead in the hand and then they suck out.Amlew is looking good for you though so at least one horse is looking to bring you something. ((((knock on wood))) I had a broken leg and should have been shot on the race track. Thx again!GO AVS GO!!!!
  16. thx but I was hoping to be in the top 20 about now though. Hopefully it'll get better after the break.
  17. nice way to finish before the break Sportsmack
  18. Currently 15thI had JJ and flop came 333 turn JOther guy couldn't get away from his pocket AA
  19. Sorry...I thought it wasn't me...MoneyM8 (Winnipeg)
  20. Doh...someone beat me.and it's for 2001 final Sportsmack
  21. Is the 2 answer Joe Sakic of the Colorado Avalanche in Denver vs the New Jersey Devils?
  22. Can we just assume everyone got it and let this thread die? Here I'll answer for the next several thousand...YES X 10,000
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