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  1. FIVE whole dollars says its not Ivey...
  2. its not phil ivey that guy is too dark and his fore head isnt big enough...
  3. i dont get it what are you talking about?
  4. why did that guy say BAN when he said he didnt get a MR smith reference?im confused on that?and can you ban someone jjust from quoting them and typing "BAN"?????
  5. yeah they said they got his face good enough so he wont be allowed back, as for seat 3's money....? my guess is they comped him mannnnnnny many dinners to equal his monetary lossedit* as for hundred dollar bills in play, i havent seen that since last summer, as the dealer sells chips at the table now, so i think thats a thing of the past, although i could be wrong...
  6. I seem to remember a similar post to this from a while back, so if anyone can provide a link, do that.I was at greektown on tuesday when this situation happens at a 1-2 dollar no limit hold 'em 50-100 dollar buy in table...full table, seat 3 and seat 4 leave simultaneously to use the bathroom, etc... 5 minutes pass, seat 4 returns...another 5 minutes, and seat 3 is filled with a new person, original man's chips are nowhere to be seen, and also unnoticed by everyone including myself and the dealer...basically original seat 3 is forgotten by the wayside...a total of 15 minutes have passed and or
  7. This is of course to have sawn the floop but with only percentage of small chips retaind, my proponent is sure to call in for happens to see the tournt
  8. its a media effected check raise the pot situation where the powers that be big brother is watching want you to believe something that is slight of hand subtle to the tongue in cheek and when you see the mofo blinking repeatedly you must think to yourself am i watching a facial tic or a subterfugelated retahd punctuating a fake tell when in fact it is yourself who you should be questioning for paying so much attention to something you witnessed on the television because face it, he's a pro, an old one, and a not nearly successful as most old pros one, so he"Thinks" that he's selling a false te
  9. well, basically i ran 150 up into being a 3200 dollar stack and eventually ran it down to 1700 due to so called "commited" hands where i bet 75 with seven eight suited or what not, and then someone moved all in for 300 total, and i called, blah blaah blah, i ran it down and left with the seventeen hundo and still felt like a sofa king stupid idiot. well, its the best sesh i ever had and i hope i had more, thanks for the input ev1 and if anyone else has anything to say goahead and leave something.
  10. its not that funny if he knew it was a joke, you didnt get away with anything?
  11. What is the most $$ in chips you ever had in front of you, at a No Limit Hold 'Em table in which the blinds were 1$-3$?Also, what did you buy in for?I am curious because i had a rather massive uptick session and subsequent breakdown, wanted to compare to some of you guys out there...
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