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  1. Once you check-raise the turn, the gig is up. You're representing at least a 10. Lead the river. Don't be afraid of getting coolered by a bigger full house. I also wouldn't be too concerned about scaring off a hand like A7 or 89. Those hands aren't going to pay you off significantly. Just figure he has a ten, an underfull, or an overpair and play in a way to double up. To figure out how to double up, you have to know the stacks sizes. This is pretty important, and since you haven't noted stack sizes in your description, you're not giving this enough attention.
  2. If it were a separate physical volume, would that make it better? We could obviously just stop reading in the middle of a book if we feel satisfied. I thought the end of Return of the King suffered more from rhythm problems in the movie than in the book. The books dragged for me most painfully in the middle of The Two Towers.
  3. Epic battles aren't confusing on screen. Many similar-looking characters are.
  4. I think, in general, we get movies that are too long when the director commands too much power relative to the editor. I imagine it's very difficult for a person to cut a scene he personally invested time and effort in. It never really bothered me in LOTR, because I'm a fanboy. For reference: Fellowship of the Ring: 178 minutes Two Towers: 179 minutes Return of the King: 201 minutes The Hobbit: 169 minutes
  5. I think you're misreading his hand. Nine or ten also makes a straight.
  6. This is only a problem if you hate money. If you want to win, you have to come to peace with the idea that you will lose buy-ins and have losing sessions. If you want to play socially for a fixed amount of time on a small bankroll, you have to come to peace with the idea that you're not going to win a lot of money.
  7. The deficit happened and continues to happen because we have a massive military, broad entitlement programs, and low tax rates. The deficit is policy, which is only occasionally overtaken by brief periods of extraordinary economic prosperity.
  8. Borrow $10k per family. Family net worth ignoring national debt goes up $10k. Does this really demonstrate the policy is successful?
  9. They still paid social security. 15% is a reasonable tax rate. But yeah, deductions are unfair.
  10. I hate calling preflop on this hand. Make it ~$50. As played, I think you need to represent a draw on the flop, either by check-calling or by check-shoving, whichever you feel best fits with your reputation. Don't play big hands deep for lots of streets out-of-position.
  11. Yeah, that's bad policy and hypocritical. Romney is obviously pandering to people who hope to hold those jobs. When Krugman said the same thing, I don't know what his motivation was. (I guess to be fair to Krugman, he thinks other random spending is a good idea as well.)
  12. I think slow-playing AQ here is Fancy Play Syndrome. Not to say other people won't slow-play it. In all likelihood you're up against some stupid broadway hands that your opponents are irrationally endeared to, which they will continue to be irrationally endeared to.
  13. If the other players are making the mistake of playing garbage preflop, then you should be trying to get the biggest percentage of the money in preflop as you can.
  14. There's a lot of information that would be relevant to answering this. How big are the other stacks? Is this 10 player live? What are the other players' tendencies? If it's live full-ring with a rake, fold preflop.
  15. Didn't see it. Did he use the word word limbic to add an air of science to an otherwise unscientific argument? I dunno. He seems credible in general, aside from that annoying habit.
  16. I think if there's a change to much bigger, perhaps publicly traded, farms; we'll see a shift toward shorter-term thinking, at the expense of long-term fertility and genetic diversity. The corporate world doesn't make value 100 years into the future a priority. I don't think this fact motivates the policies. Nevertheless, I think it's true.
  17. I'm against the policy of making ethanol from corn. I don't think this article makes sense, though. How does artificially increasing the supply of ethanol drive the price of fuel up? Aren't we increasing the cost of food and decreasing the cost of fuel by this policy? One could argue that the ethanol process is useless, but the ethanol fuel itself obviously isn't. I can put it in my car, burn it, and then I am somewhere else. It's useful.Before anyone says this is just sloppy use of the language and we all know what the author meant, I'll say it's no coincidence that the literal meaning m
  18. In other words, religion has played some part in starting 40% of wars.And, the article continues: So, sure, I accept that. It's just not a slam-dunk win for religion.
  19. BaseJester

    Excel Help

    Good suggestion.It also saves a lot of head-scratching when you add values to the bottom of the list and some of the lookups don't work like you expect.
  20. Yes, it is, albeit in a supernatural and unverifiable sense.
  21. Yes? I think people should be allowed to do lots of stupid things.
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