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  1. thats bs.We often talk as one about who are the true professionals in this game, as opposed to the 'celebrities' of the game.At the end of the day Alan Ciunningham, Phil Ivey and esfandiari havent won any main event titles. However Jamie Gold and friends have.Jamie Gold, in one tournament took down more cash money than cunningham and most poker players have in a lifetime. He has proven himself and as such i rate him one of the greatest players of all time. He beat 9000! Some players here struggle to beat 900 people and will never ever win a bracelet.That is why Gold, looking through the jealou
  2. Heres a website that keeps you up on the goings of Zimbabwe....the once 'breadbasket' of Africa.www.zimbabwesituation.comhttp://www.zimbabwesituation.com/
  3. Wow, big loss.For the record i lived in Zimbabwe for 5 years, moved to Cape town and lived there until i was 15, then came to Australia where i have settled.Therefore i have lived 70% of my life in Southern Africa.And this lobster idiot is telling me how it is...... he is the ignorant one.
  4. while your there try not to get too close to the locals if you know what i mean, some countries are 35% aids.if you go down towards south africa or my birthplace, zimbabwe....stay away from the back townships....your a sitting duck. stay in cape towns white neighbourhood and make sure the fence is secure for the night time wheere they try and get in.DO NOT go out at night. Murder rate is the highest there in anywhere in the world and white peopl are the target.If you need to go to JO'Burg make it a day trip at best. it is very dangerous. do not bring a female friend. They will carjack and rape
  5. Ausdoz

    Troll Wants $5

    that came across as a very gay,twerpy statement.shame.
  6. God doesnt 'hate' fags but they arent the favourite children of this world and are in fact going to hell. You can go ALL PC on this issue but the higher powers arent as politically correct. a view that extends from islam to Christianity to judaism and more.i dont agree with picketing funerals though thats just tasteless to the extreme. the Phelps crew have got a point of argument and have stretched it to the limit. God doesnt hinge on one aspect.a big 'NIGGGGA WHAT?' to them.
  7. Mccain HAS to win this election.God help america if barrack Hussein obama wins. The politically correct dont know what there playing with.
  8. Push hard with JJ and ten ten and even 99 early on if facing a raise. Take the coin flip early on in order tyo chip up it will help alot.These are make or break hands and i find when i get these hands i either go on to wwin it or i bust out early. The key here is sometimes i go on to win.Likewise take the AK in the same situation and hope you get lucky. The penny has to drop sometimes in these tournaments.When the blinds are big dont be afraid to push it pre flop as the pots are nice enougth and you risk getting blinded out. If you get called you can win a biggie.If its live take note of the p
  9. Ausdoz

    Troll Wants $5

    im pretty sure this could be true.i know lots of asian girls that yak on like this.There born to be prostitutes, trust me i know i spend most of my free time with them...if i have money of course.
  10. SINCE IM PLAYING IN A TV TOURNAMENT IN 4 DAYS ILL GLADLY DO IT.All i gotta do is ask them for a watch?risky but ill do it.
  11. Theres a website somewhere where you can get juicy young teenagers.ill find it and get back to you?
  12. Well speaking only for Sydney.The majority of whores are asians, usually imports and refugees, some dont even know there going to become hookers lol.When you get past these 50%, the hookers are pretty good. Some of them are hot blue eyed blondes that are a bit skanky and some are old fatties. Chuck in a few dirty aboriginal chicks and some islanders in the mix.The escorts tend to be glamours and you'll find a fair bit of lebanese and italian chicks mixed in wit these cute blondes. Much higher standard and always nice.Stay away from the back alleys of the kings cross red light districts, these
  13. Ive estimated i spend about 1/3rd of my pay on lowies.Looking at it differently, thats all my poker profit.Black phil as well i reckon has phunked every hooker in sydney....all the ones willing to do black ones anyway. Sometimes they charge him more poor prick.The only hiccup ive had is when i got the worst bj with a druggie (came cheap)that had teeth missing and i swear i saw a cockroach wing in her hair. Wasnt that enjoyable.Still came though.
  14. Oh man this is my specialty,No one picks up the ho's the way i do.I get hookers all the timeIt really depends on what your after.If you want a girl that will be anally devoted to you and will get freaky and nasty you can go to your local red light district and get any piece of meat at a cheap rate and they will do itall. This is cost effective but wear 2 condoms because these girls are often diseased....but to be honest that adds to the excitement asnd skankiness.If yo want a classy good looking girl browse the yellow pages and ring and book one in. This is especially good if you need a date t
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