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  1. Finally, Simone is killed off. It was just a matter of time. What a bad actress.
  2. Sorry DN, I'm a fan, but your counter-arguments are very weak and embarrassingly naive.You are commiting three fallacious forms of argument: the slippery slope, disambiguation and appeal to force. You have to argue on the merits (case law, precedent, public policy), and not evaluate the validity of the legal claims on how it might effect the growth of poker, or on how it is like "biting the hand that fed". You talk so much around the actual legal issues, maybe you should have become a politician instead of a poker player.Future reference:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slippery_slopehttp://en.wi
  3. Frankie J - How To Deal LyricsSometimes a man has to chooseAnd do something he doesn't wanna doDo I live my life with you as my wifeOr do I go on and pursue my lifetime dreamI gotta do this for meCuz if I don't I'll probably regret itBut if I don't I'll probably regret itHow do I copeHow do you cope whenThe one you love is with somebdoy elseAnd there's nothing you could do about itHow do I deal with The fact that you had a chanceBut you chose to turn away for your careerI gotta take it though it's heartbreakin'It's something that I had to doBut nobody said that it would hurt so badSo how to I
  4. Actually, DN gave his opinion about Ungar a long time ago. I don't have the link to that particular post.He said something to the effect that Ungar was certainly a great player, but not as great as the public has made him out to be. That is to say, he isn't THE greatest tournament poker player to have ever walked the earth. He had a turbulent and tragic personal life which was cut short--this added to his legendary image and mystique. Ultimately, although he had talent, his poker skills are far more exaggerated by storytellers than they really were.
  5. A link would be a good idea bro.
  6. 2PAC"Old School"Here we go; we gonna send this one out to the old schoolAll these mother****ers in the Bronx, and Brooklyn, and Staten IslandQueens, and all the mother****ers that laid it down, the foundationyaknowhatI'msayin? Nuttin but love for the old schoolThat's who we gonna do this one for, ya feel me?"What more could I say? I wouldn't be here todayif the old school didn't pave the way" -- {Grand Puba}{repeat 3X}Nothin like the old school/ain't nuttin like the old school"What more could I say? I wouldn't be here todayif the old school didn't pave the way" -- {Grand Puba}I remember Mr. Ma
  7. It's clear what Daniel meant. Jeez. Over-analytical donkeys. Just play some cards.And in some sense, you could interpret what Bush says as implying that he meant "the rest of the world" in the sense that any enemy of the U.S., "bring it on"--which is the most ridiculously inciting clumsy statement to say in precariously bellicose times. Seeing that America's globalization efforts have been gung ho the past thirty or so years--yes, I'm sure in some ways Bush did mean the rest of the world. But that's beside the point, we know what Daniel meant.
  8. People should be able to mention other sites they play, and ask other posters to join, etc. if they want.Most long time posters probably don't even play on FCP.Brand loyalty can only go so far.
  9. Yeah. It's the NY Post. What do you expect? They're known for hyperbole and provocation as opposed to reporting reality. The guy who wrote it sounds like a bitter guy who hates his job.
  10. There's a point when you can't work a normal job. It usually happens after the second or third year. Before poker went "big", people didn't aspire to play poker for a living.Most normal pros, from the older generation (pre-internet), not celebrity types, are trying to pay off poker debts by playing, and working normal jobs just takes too long. Pretty soon it becomes a full-time job trying to pay people back. Eventually, you wake up one day, and you say to yourself, I guess I play poker for a living. There's no choice really at that point.In those days, it's not a life that you chose; it c
  11. Jeez. Someone needs to introduce you into the world of brakeless urban cycling, or some other physical activity that has an element of physical risk. How on earth can another mental activity (especially checkers) relieve your stress bro.
  12. Ultimately, I don't give a $hit about this Fischman thing, but I decided to throw my two cents. I don't think it's correct to judge a man when he shows that he has human tendencies. We've all gone on anger rants when drunk before. It's not like he's actually hurting anyone. You all act like you've never had some sort of breakdown like that or shown your a$$ at one point.He's human, obviously something is going bad in his life right now,-- might be financial,--might be purely personal. Leave it at that, and stop gossiping like little high school girls.You know absolutely nothing about the guy
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