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  1. I enjoyed this blog entry. It's straight-up Dn. Amusing, intense, and enough insanity to remind us that he's a real person, albeit one with a crazy, unreal life. Good luck tomorrow, man!
  2. I didn't miss the point of the graph. Being a geographer, I make graphs for a living and know that you can make the numbers mean anything you want them to. You caught me. I'm an over educated, hard core liberal, vegetarian, environmentalist, white female bent on murdering millions and causing mass suffering. Kaveros, I'd agree, only would go further and say that casting a vote based on skin color would be one definition of racism. However, being a white democrat in america who supports obama, I think that people should keep in mind that obama is half black half white. I don't think hi
  3. dude, I'm not saying he doesn't lean to the left. I'm just saying the man would have to be horizontal to get far enough to the left for me. that's how far left I am.
  4. Seriously, is this really what non-americans think of america? That truly boggles my mind. I'm always curious what 'the rest of the world' thinks of america. Balloon guy claims there isn't as much anti-american thought out there as we are led to believe, but if irishmon's statements are a reflection of general thoughts/idea of what america is like, I think the general feelings out there must be pretty f#$@ing negative. (Irishmon, not saying you don't like america, just saying the idea you have of it may be more negative than it is.) Well said. except that part about the far left social le
  5. I agree, looking healthy and happy. I like the hair. Good news, maybe, if he's going to Europe we'll probably here from him more, as he seems to hang out on FCP more when he's in other countries as he's not as busy?!?
  6. Truer words have never been written. I may be a die hard liberal, and thereby vote Democrat, but can't help but believe that less governing is better, in general. BTW, I live in Missouri, so I'm use to my vote not counting either.Oh, I still believe the US is still the greatest country on earth, I'm just so incredibly beaten down and disheartened by the current state of our country and gov't that its bordering on hopelessness. Which is, I think, the way a lot of Americans are feeling after 8 years of the Bush administration. This is why Obama's message of hope is resounding like it is. W
  7. So, I avoided reading this post for days thinking it would be just be a lot of bitching at each other. Finally I broke down and read it. I found two things that disturbed me greatly. First, that despite the fact that we hold completely opposite views, BalloonGuy makes the best arguments on this thread. Second, is this quote from Dn... I had counted on moving to Canada if the Democrats lose this elections. But if the Canadians aren't even willing to go back to Canada, where the hell am I suppose to go?!??!?
  8. 5'11"38-28-38Where are all the other american girls out there to back me up on this one? It's disturbingly quiet. I can't fight an entire continent of bikini-clad, beach bunnies alone!!! j/k, I aussies!
  9. ouch, I feel for you dude. I'm not an atheist, but I don't enjoy church, especially not with my mother. Depending on her religion, probably 1.5-2 hours. Rituals? again, depends on religion. May be some drink of wine/grape juice, eating of bread/crackers, etc. kinda tedious.
  10. wait a minute mr. irishmon. you get your ass up here and check out the local scenery before you make rash statements like that.;)measurements offered as proof, on demand.
  11. LMAOI was wondering too. I'm glad you asked. I figured he was just busy catching up with friends and life back here in the states.p.s. also glad you didn't let them get to you for asking. I liked your mother/grandmother comment.
  12. dude, sorry to waste your time. I try not to read anything written by PH, and I hadn't gotten to that thread on this board when I posted above comment. Anyway, I still think my idea would kick @ss.
  13. alright since Dn said it was ok to guess...I think (hope) he's going to be a voice for an animated character in an upcoming movie. Think about it... without sounding too much like a slobbering, girly fan...he's got a great voice for voice characters and he's always doing imitations. Plus, doesn't Pixar have a sound studio in Sydney ??! how cool would that be.
  14. I've been a fan of Dn's for a while. First because I thought he was wicked cute, then because I discovered a genius under those good looks. When I found FCP and started reading his blogs I knew I was hooked for good.But, now he's just scaring the hell out of me. His recent posts about his life journeys..it's like he's reading my mind.We're the same age. Actually, I'm two days older than him. Maybe it's something that comes to people at this age...anyway, it's nice to hear similar ideas/concerns coming from someone who can articulate them so well. I write in a journal, but wouldn't necessar
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