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  1. That's an assault charge if I've ever seen one. That's dirtier than Bertuzzi's hit on Moore a few years ago, and dirtier than the hit to Brashear, (I'm taking into account Roy KEPT hitting an obviously defenseless player) and both of those had criminal charges brought.I agree I'd rather see hockey highlights, but since the NHL is in the dark ages and isn't consistently available on tv, it's really become the step sister to MLS in the United States these days. It's not that Americans don't like hockey, it's just hard to like something that Bettman won't let you see.
  2. Joe Louis gave up the absolute prime of his career to serve. While he was serving, the government popped him for taxes. Personally, I don't remember the figures but there's a great HBO documentary out about it. We're not just talking 'popped for taxes.' Oddly enough, for 20 some years the money Joe owed kept going up and up, yet Joe was making as much as he ever was and turning 90% over to the boys in the suits. At one point, they even raided the box office before his fight and took every cent of Joe Louis' cut of the purse.Through it all Louis kept trying harder and harder to pay the mon
  3. I made an edit that's screwed your quote.I think it all boils down to I'm one of those that won't buck the system and Ali did. Hell, I should probably thank the guy because of the notice he brought to the draft and it's racial inequality, all of which was part of ending it.So essentially you've made me torn. While the nit in me doesn't like the fact he bucked the system, the intelligent person in me sees the changes that were made as a result.I guess he's list worthy, but I think Joe Lewis should go ahead of him.Joe got F*****D by this country and still loved her. His story is actually far
  4. Ali converted to Islam, and took his stance against the racial inequality, far before the Vietnam war. He was interested in Islam dating as far back as his high school days and converted in 62 or 63. I have no problems with this. This is also what caught him in the racists ire, not 'Nam.
  5. I call all religious books fairy tales. Bible, Qu'ran, Dead Sea Scrolls or whatever.I don't disagree with his reasoning one bit; however, what about the white kids who didn't support that war yet had to go? What about the other black kids that had to go?A real leader would have gone to 'Nam and fought the inequality, both aimed at the Vietnamese and at the African Americans. Example: Joe Lewis did it during WWII. Joe was in the Services, but he wasn't on the lines. He was a celeb that visited bases and damned if every base he went to the segregated black section didn't improve by the time
  6. The only gripe I had with Ali was 'Nam. I don't care what fairy tale book you're reading from, if you're called to serve, you're called to serve. Other than that I have no beef with Ali. That said, many, many, many people that lived during that time cannot stand Ali because of how divisive a figure he was.Personally, I nominate Arnold Palmer. Palmer has done so much more for golf off the course than any other play ever can. He was eating brunch in the Carolina a few months ago getting inducted into the NC Sports Hall of Fame and I swear he couldn't get a bite of waffle down without someon
  7. His were. Most dictators are left leaning, it's how they come to power by promising social and economic reform to help the (insert largest/poorest social class here) out. It's too easy to come to power as a dictator in a way, just brainwash the largest social class and either they vote you in or fight you in. Only other way I can think of is a coup with the army.And I always wondered what happened to the IRA. So they are still around? They used to make headlines all the time back in the day and you never hear crap out of 'em now.
  8. Lemme try and help you out:A) Slightly true. There are very, very poor neighborhoods that are all black, all white or a mix. Regardless, going through lower class neighborhoods isn't too wise, as regardless of the color of skin most people in that position have very little to stay out of jail for. In Richmond there are a few of these, but I've never been shot at while going through or anything like that. Granted, I only cut through during the day.B) Bologna. Personally, I don't know any totally white or totally black subdivisions. Irregardless, you probably have slums in mind and white,
  9. I have a few buddies that love this group. Personally I'm more a jam band man, so I've never even listened to them. Few months, or maybe years I dunno, they played in Richmond and I remember meeting up afterwards with the fellas and they were all jacked and said it was a great show.It'll be a good show. If you're into a band the only way they can screw a show up is to totally tank it. If that happens switch to liquor.
  10. "Hi, yeah, I'm a typical white guy and this is what I think." Every caller to the local talk radio politics show was starting off like that the other day, it was cracking me up.For me, this isn't a racial race. From what I've seen Barack Obama is the most likable of all three of the candidates on a personal level. If I were a liberal it'd be a no brainer. Unfortunately, I'm not a liberal, so they could run Hulk Hogan with The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart as his VP and I still couldn't bring myself to pull that lever. Quite frankly, none of the candidates is worth a dick. Hillary and Bar
  11. jmh06

    Dear Nikki

    Dude, go for the girlfriend. Patron will put the odds 50/50, maybe even 60/40.
  12. If he could've come out last year, he would've been the first taken. Peterson is the better power runner but scouts have had hard ons for McFadden since he was a freshman.Fortunately, so has Jerry Jones. D-Mac will be a Cowboy next year.To be fair, Peterson was in the same class of back in college, his injury problems just brought him down.
  13. The Big Least is so much more deserving though...
  14. Please, I'm an adult. I know I've said something that has inadvertently offended some people and I'm trying to explain that I really never meant to do that while apologizing to those that were offended.Secondly, I see your point, I just don't agree with it. I'll call anyone pink, purple or green well spoken. I majored in English in college and have an affinity for anyone with a decently large vocabulary. This is the reason I've gotten so defensive. It's the language I love, not the color of the person speaking it.While I really do apologize to those that were offended, and assure you that
  15. White people are just as poorly spoken as any other color of skin in the world. Richard Petty was supposed to meet with the Queen of England and he declined, stating, "She speaks English and I speak Southern American so I don't think we'd understand each other too good."I meant being well spoken as more of a testament to his familial upbringing and education and his training to deal with the media. In no way was it meant as a shot against any race.
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