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  1. West Kootenays B.C. Canada,.. ah yah,.. we would be 'north' of Spokane. I believe Wash. is west of Spokane, and Idaho is East??Thanks for the tip though.Thanks for the address of the DN articles here. Awesome stuff!!
  2. Hi, I'm new here and don't really know how to navigate the site but what I have discovered so far,.. awesome!! I read here somewhere that D.N. submits an aricle to the Vancouver Sun & Province. Anyone know what day of the week that's on? One subscription coming up!!Great stuff in here,... pretty sure I'm going to make this site my mainstay for poker info. Also liked a few of the things goin' on ie. the 45plyr. sng competition,... sounds good,.. another being the $4.40 180plyr. How do I discover what stuff is happening on this site? Looking forward to getting into this site some more
  3. WOW,.. WOW,.. WOW,.. Why get involved in this in the first place? Man,.. you're sitting on a decent stack and you're going to get yourself involved with this garbage? Pleazzzz come and meet me on my table,.. I can always use some 'free chips'. I would think you'll be getting PLENTY of better oppurtunities than this for making a steal. Who cares if you've got 'good position' with Q-3o,.. if you even do spike the Queen on the flop you're giving yourself a GREAT chance to lose ALOT of chips to gain what in the beginning??? Damn,.. way better moves to be making than this unecessary one.Say yo
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