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  1. Uh i dont think that can be right. Why would i be paying 25% on 40k when i have 30k in deductions?
  2. First half of the year i was in high school and lived with my parents with no costs. Now i started college and my parents pretty much pay for everything as long as i get good grades. My expenses are food, and thats it. Most of that 10k is in savings.
  3. Yea i plan to consider it gambling income(thats what it is, and i want to be be completely straight with my taxes) and have 40k in income and 30k in losses. IM not worried about paying anything under 1k in taxes, im just scared ill get screwed and owe like 5k or something.
  4. Well im trying to get all my records set and see how much i might owe come tax time. I live in colorado, im 20, a full time student and have had no other job except poker this year. It looks like my winnings will be around 40k and losses around 30k. I plan to file correctly and record my total winnings and total losses. Does anyone know how much money i can expect to pay? Thanks!!
  5. Hmm i might be intrested. Any body know of any good games in fort collins by any chance?
  6. 40k hands cant really show much of anything. A winning player could play well and breakeven in the party 5/10 6max game for 40k hands.
  7. I just wanted to make sure that using pokerace on empire is ok. I remember them banning acounts for the use of some software awhile back and wanted to make sure this wasnt one of the ones causing problems. Anyone use pokerace on empire?
  8. buddyguy... and i took some ridiculous beats also haha.
  9. Haha i was at your table last night. I noticed the name and thought it must someone from this site. I was playing 4 tables and too lazy to type anything.
  10. I think its obviously a value bet. Your not folding a hand that beats you and ace high is calling as well. Bet and hope he calls with king high. Id probably bet this also. Your other line would be to check to induce a bluff bet and call, but youd need to know this player was capable of doing that to try it.
  11. My roomate and i have a dsl modem and i can plug my computer in and it works fine. But when he does he is unable to use any internet programs. When we check the local network connections it says he is connected but when he tries to use any program that connects to the internet it says there is no connection. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I see that alot of affiliates offer cashouts to your empire acount through intra acount transfers. However i thought these were frowned upon by empire and you can get your acount closed. Maybe im thinking of party. Anyone know about this? Thanks
  13. I never said anything about pokerstars making it public people were cheating on their site. Im just saying they would do everything possible to make it not happen. I mean could u imagine say neverwin and other big players in the 100/200 accusing someone of cheating in that game. It would be detrimental to stars and they would lose so much from it.
  14. Im not here to say this is fake or its real or anything else, just to give some of my opinions.First if this program can do this then it must not be very hard. If this is true then im sure plenty of hackers would have done this already. I also think that suspicions would arise and they would be caught and the problem realized by now if it was going on. Pokerstars is a site with smart managment and they realize security is very important.
  15. Considering you play that many hands at this level thats over 600k. You say you get in around 3k hands a day. So thats close to a year. 600k in a year. Im bored.
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