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  1. God, now I really want to go...*Funny thoughts*Have fun, for those who get the chance...
  2. Now I really hope to win the Lottery...like I have 15,000 somewhere in an old sock !! LOL.Have fun you all...
  3. PascalBoxem


    Today was the fourth time of PKVN.I WON !!!!I played tight, kept winning pots and didn't lose a hand.The last player I faced Heads Up, raised me pre flop, but I was getting bored of him stealing the blinds withnothing, so I just went All In.. Blinds were 8000.16000 and he calld.He showed 7-8 offsuit, I showed Q3 suited. Flop laid absolutely nothing for the boths of us,and I won with High Card Queen. AMAZING !!he tried to see if He got me coverd, but I had a stack about the size of Texas, so he was out.I'm in the final 8, but I still need to finish high up the numbers to come in the finals. (
  4. he looked like a million dollars again..very well rested, and looking forward to may.hve a good time DN
  5. you have every right to be worried,That's what makes u human.But you'll probably be worried for nothing.. I share your state of mind that says " COME BACK DN"LOL
  6. I Think Daniel is busy with his life, and just going on with it. So He didn't post in a few days, that not a big deal.His head might not be into it, or he just didn't feel like posting.I'm sure everything is all right.if there was trouble, and Daniel were in a hospital or something, we should have heard it.Maybe from a friend or someone.maybe Daniel just needs a few days for him self. He'll be back soon.
  7. PascalBoxem


    Maybe I should have, but I didn't get anygood cards to Shove my chips with,and I just knew that when I would push all in, they were going to call me.and I wanted to push with a hand that could win something.
  8. PascalBoxem


    Today was another round of Poker. I just figured I'd take it easy. I sat down at table 6and the same guy who kicked me out, last week, was sitting at my table. I folded a lot of hands, just cause they were crap.7-2, 8-4 en 9-2.Somewhere around the first hour I got pocket Q's and went all in.. Someone called me, and lost.I stacked the chips and went on for another round of folding. Lots of rounds to be specific.In the Third hour I got Pocket A's, and someone pushed me All in. I called and won again.This went on for another 2 hours, and then came the news." you've reached the final table." NICE
  9. DN takes the pot, the whitehouse ( Just don't make us watch TTMR )
  10. if you really want to help, Fly to Holland on Oct 4th.We're having a fundraiser. We're saving up for a new Ambulance.I work at the Animal Rescue service, and drive the ambulance.Your intentions are good, but 10,- won't help anybody.. sorry..that's feeds one dog, 2 days..Pay it Forward, only seems to work in Dramastic cases.Do hope you succeed though..
  11. I was going to watch TTMR, But since I only read 3 good reviews here..NO WAY
  12. I know I don't look like a dude.. Stop calling me that !! :DLOL
  13. PascalBoxem


    It's TUESDAYI'll let you know how it went tonight.Hope I'll do better this time
  14. Thanks Loogie!!!Love you 2.. B)
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