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  1. If anyone has info on some home cash games in Ohio (East Central) I'd really appreciate it!Later,Dave
  2. Personally, I'm brand new to both this promotion and the site in general, so any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.Peace,Dave
  3. Looking this hand over, some of the posters before me have made some really good points. Here's what I think I'd do:Bet $0.08 - $0.10 on the flop. The quiet guy checking or making the little continuation bet is the one that I'm worried about in a 3-to-a-flush situation here. Even if you only get one caller, you've basically matched what was your eventual pot value and more importantly, spread some misinformation.Bet somewhere in the neighborhood of $0.06 - $0.08 on the turn. It looks like you're defending middle pair or maximizing value on top pair. You'll get called/re-raised by several diffe
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