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  1. Good point, i should have posted that instead.
  2. Prolly wouldn't have made comment about someone who patiently waited for a prize EARNED and simply stated it was damaged and PRAISED the service he received.
  3. Talked to Matt and he said he would send another one out. Now only if i could get that customer service from Sprint.
  4. Well i got home and my chip set was there. I opened the box and there is a big hole on the outside of the case:(. So now where do i ship it to get a new one?
  5. I emailed Matt on april 28th. Never recieved an email back nor the chip set. I don't who has gotten what or when.
  6. Any word or rumors on when last year prizes are going to be sent?
  7. Hey DNA, I emailed Matt and haven't heard anything back from him about last year's prizes. Lunchbox12
  8. Hey DNA, when is the prizes for last year supposed to come in. Never received the chipset yet? This is Lunchbox12
  9. Got kicked out of Lambeau Field during a Vikes/Packers game.
  10. Hey DNA, yes i want my chipset and the info for the TOC. What do I have to do? This is Lunchbox12.
  11. Is he gonna send out shirts too. I know when or if I get mine, I'll probable amdire it for all it's worth then discard it in the corner of my bedroom just to have it when I luck out with some 19 year old danish ex-change student will 40DD who will put it on for morning attire. Which will then allow me to pose for her showing her my Gus Hansen impersonation to try to get a morning rub and tug but only to learn she hates games AND Gus Hansen as she introduces her 5 inch heels with my self proclaimed well-endowed.................wait a minute.....got lost there. So, is he gonna send the t-shirts
  12. Don't call pre floooooooooooop with 36 soooooooooooted then.
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