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  1. How exactly did you observe this? I wanna share the fun and look for some of those peepz to observe...
  2. What language is that? (I get the vomit part, I mean that other stuff)
  3. This thread is confusing And wasn't it Mike Matesow (or however you write that name) who was called "the mouth"?
  4. Hey, you're the one that wants to make babies with me...Anyway, she knows you have a girlfriend and she's still hitting on you? Scary milf that one...
  5. How about telling her you have a girlfriend? Everytime she starts talking to you, you go on and on about how "hot" your girlfriend is and how excited you are that you'll see her again this weekend or whtvr, get creative. If you need a stand-in girlfriend, I'll volunteer.
  6. Proof that it's really available at McDonalds:
  7. This is a McKroket:A kroket is a typical Dutch delicasy. It's filled with chicken or beef, ragout and herbs. You can buy the kroket at any Dutch snackbar and since a few years any Dutch McDonalds as well.
  8. Fleur

    Help My Sister!

    Then why isn't GHB legal?
  9. Fleur

    Help My Sister!

    In these types of discussions, people tend to forget that alcohol has all the same issues as most illegal drugs:*It's potentially addictive*It clouds your perception/impairs your ability to control your impulses*You can overdose (alcohol poisoning)*Can cause severe damage/deformaties etc, to baby's if used during pregnancyYet nobody even discusses wether alcohol is a "legitimate recreational activity". Or where to draw the line on alcohol. Is there any alcoholic drink in the USA that's illegal? (We banned absinth for example but I'm not sure wether that's the same in other countries).My point
  10. Fleur

    Help My Sister!

    It depends on the type of drugs and the dangers. Anything that can cause a overdose or cause severe addiction in over 50% of people using it, should be illegal. Which means weed, LSD, mushrooms for example, should be legal. Cocaine, heroine, XTC for example, should be illegal.Wether it's a good way to spend your free time is not important. The point is that people should be free to do whatever they like, as long as they don't seriously harm themselves or others. There's people that call themselves nudists and like to walk around naked in their free time. I don't think it's a "legitimate recrea
  11. I always have the Mckroket. So I'd have that.
  12. I'm surprised nobody has gotten banned yet over these topics
  13. http://nl.justin.tv/fleur15 minutes, then I'm off to bededit: this seems to do as well: http://www.justin.tv/fleur
  14. I'm not sure I remember my password. But I'll go try now.
  15. I'm getting confused with all these topics
  16. Fine. You win. Nice strategy. I'll pm you msn.
  17. Lol. I'm gonna get a pretty nice job in a few years, so I don't need money. But nice try.
  18. Hmm.. in that case I also doubt that there will be any baby-making going on. Or you have to be really really really ridiculously good-looking edit: you can still be a member of the fanclub though. Just sayin' zoolander rocks!
  19. My oldest fling was 39, so if you're around that age, you still might have a chance.
  20. I'd have to agree with this. Absolutely skanky, just look at those piercings and that awful tattoo... yuk.Very questionable intelligence, especially in the computer and irony department, and I've never seen a more boring person.Like I said: I totally agree.
  21. Okay. That actually made me laugh... a bit...
  22. No, it's not. The page got blocked. It wasn't the typical warning you tend to get when you want to download something or use an Active-X element. It had to do with the security settings of Vista.
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