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  1. You make sounds like that during sex too?
  2. It reminds me of that monkey from that movie Madagascar.
  3. http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/476661/f6c..._de_lucht_.htmlWeird....
  4. Lol. Typo, we say "salades" in Dutch :DMeant salads.
  5. That's really nice, but what did you do to lose the weight? Eat salades every day? Stop going to McDonalds for lunch?
  6. Fleur


    Did I miss anything?
  7. No, but it does make you a very patient person. Jeeezz... that song is annoying!
  8. Fleur

    Dear Nikki

    I totally agree. It's just rude not to say "thank you". Whatever the reason is for it.
  9. I watched Casino Royale again yesterday, damn that guy is ugly! I really don't understand why they picked him for Bond. He looks like a great badguy I thought the dude Le Chiffre was hotter than he is.Oh, hi James Your last name doesn't happen to be "Bond" right?
  10. Fleur

    Dear Nikki

    I use a very simple rule on dates: the person that asked the other person out, pays.If I ask the guy out, I pay the bill. And that happens, yes, I do ask guys out.
  11. For the ladies:Hot body, weird face imo. Dude looks Russian if you ask me...edit: for those who don't recognize him: It's Daniel Craig (James Bond)
  12. Nevermind what they're saying, just watch it.edit: response commercial from different dutch beer brand:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOru8yq83TE...feature=related
  13. So she lost/quit her job at the stripclub and now she needs your money?And she can't get another job because of the crisis or something? Are they firing strippers now too?? Darn. These stripclubs should get money from the government to save them, just like GM did.
  14. Fleur


    I was wondering when you'd post another high quality thread. It took you long enough.
  15. Fleur

    Guess Her Muff

    *inserts the actual fail pic*
  16. Fleur

    Guess Her Muff

    This is the reason why you do NOT let your boyfriend take naked pictures of you. Because you KNOW that sooner or later they'll end up on websites like this one.
  17. Not before we've made some babies atleast.
  18. well, I was considering this one at the shelter. But then I thought, it looks so cute, it will probably be adopted soon by someone else, so I'd better take a cat that's not as adorable. So I decided on Coco instead.
  19. Nope, mine is always Amstdamgirl on Pokerstars and PartyPoker
  20. Just wanted to let you guys know I won't be here much for the coming week since I'll be playing with my pussy. This is her:Got her from the animal shelter saturday and she's the cutest cat ever. Just thought I'd explain my absence.
  21. This is a very ominous assignment, with overtones of extreme personal danger. This is important goddammit, this is a ****ing true story!
  22. No more of that talk or I'll put the ****ing leeches on you, understand?!
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