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  1. Then you must be very happy today.
  2. You can't see the video because it isn't in English? I posted it so you could SEE the girl, not because I thought you would understand what was being said.
  3. You were right. I never looked at that board and thought it was a board for news and tv. That's why I posted it there.Thnx for the move.
  4. This is the video, I do warn you, it is pretty graphic:http://www.rtl.nl/components/actueel/rtlni...d_apeldoorn.xml
  5. Video's online show her lying motionless on the road. As far as I know she didn't make it.
  6. CNN:http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/0....car/index.html
  7. Just got an update on tv: 4 people dead.
  8. The parade was being broadcasted live when the car hit. So the entire country got to watch live as children and people where being resusitated (or however you write that). Shocking.
  9. The entire country is upside down right now. All tv channels have been broadcasting about it constantly all day long. People are shocked and almost all festivities have been cancelled in the entire country.This is a disaster for us, because Queensday is the most important holiday for our country of the year. And this year was extra special because the Queen-mother, that started the tradition, would have been 100 years old today. So, so sad.
  10. It wasn't immediatly clear that it was an attack. At first people thought it was just someone that passed out behind the wheel and lost control of the car. That's why.
  11. Well, to you Americans this is just something on television. That's why I posted it here. But it can be moved if necessary.
  12. Some loonatic tried to drive his Suzuki Swift into the royal family, but missed and hit a monument. In the process he drove into 17 people, killing 2, wounding 15, including little children and a pregnant woman.Video of the incidentPicture in high resthe perpetrator:The idiot is alive and told police he did it all on purpose.
  13. If you like to watch gay dudes beat off, then you shouldn't watch it?So there's no gay guys? Interesting indeed.
  14. Southpoint, isn't that where they taped a season of High Stakes Poker?
  15. I can't help you. I just worked for Adobe...
  16. Fleur

    Sexual Partners

    You're almost out of toiletpaper btw
  17. Yeah, I heard about some guy that you beat pretty bad and got in the papersSure, you own a cool bar and I hear you get far with every waitressYeah, I saw you on the poster your song is the bomb and you're outrageousSure, I see you're livin' large with your crib and your carsand that's just great but..Let me tell you how it beYou won't get with this you seeCause you can't handle meYeah, you make your big move and I see you're not used to being rejectedSure, you makin' that call to your guy and I'm sure you're well connectedYeah, judging from that line you just passed you are well known and resp
  18. Fleur

    7 11 Slurpee

    Playing with my pussycat
  19. Fleur

    Sexual Partners

    Wow. I don't know how you did this Nikki, getting this guy to post a complete psychological profile of himself including pic...But you HAVE to teach me!!!
  20. Honda. Mine's almost 13 years old, never had any issues with it whatsoever.
  21. Who said it was unintentional: I meant to tell him I always make those sounds, what did you think I meant to say?lol
  22. Lol. I read about this in the paper today. (Why this is in Dutch newspapers remains a mystery to me).It said she was going to sue the guy and demanded he would play golf with her every month, sign some DVD, and some other weird stuff.
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