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  1. I have to agree with El Guapo, the analogy is quite a bit out of proportion compared to the real situation. Cheating is no good, especially in a game like poker, but to compare it to childmolestation is a whole different thing.
  2. I wish Daniel would come to The Netherlands sometime. Would be so great to see him play
  3. Ah, then I get it. Didn't know it was a tournament. Sorry about that
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new here so please, don't beat me up for asking a silly question but: what did this guy actually do that was cheating? When I play online poker, I usually play two tables at the same time too. With the same account. I don't see how that's cheating.And if you have multiple accounts, and you pay for them, why wouldn't you be allowed to play multiple tables either?I must have misunderstood the main point here because simply playing multiple tables can't really be cheating in my view
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