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  1. Ever been to Ireland?Oh, hi James! I'm just saying that it's not like Christianity is such a peacefull religion either.
  2. Only Muslim terrorists or Christian terrorists too?
  3. Reading the name of this thread I was expecting to see something like this:Yet, this is cool too.
  4. Yeah, those Christians seem to thrive on war indeed... or... ow... you mean Muslims? Yeah, them too.
  5. Fleur

    Swine Flu

    Here only children and old people get vaccinated. More people die every year from the ordinary flu than from swineflu. So I'm not that worried about it.
  6. I'll take Sal's solution, the dog is a problem -> live on second floor and have two cats...
  7. This is what I see. It's not a joke, I wish it was. These people (all of them) have climbed over the fence of our "compound" and they are yelling at someone who's in prison. I live next to a prison and they can see their friends, husbands, whatever, from our backyard. In the summer, we get this every day, for hours and hours. I've filmed this from my balcony.
  8. I just use the ones that came with my Ipod. Which makes me look cool, because everybody knows that I have a Ipod when they see them. And since having an Ipod is very special, as hardly anyone owns an Ipod or Iphone these days, I look very cool. You wanna look cool? Get Ipod earphones.
  9. Lol, I knew that, kinda late overhere ;)The black one is very old. She's a little overweight, but most of the belly is just from being old (hanging skin). She's not a diabetic.The kitten isn't overweight either, she's exactly right. Got her weighed at the vet last friday.
  10. That is one seriously cute cat
  11. It only smells if you give them wet food that has grains in them (which is ridiculous in the first place).Good wet food does not contain grains, sugar or any other crap. Just meat and minerals, and nothing else. If you give them that, litterbox will smell even less than it does on kibble.Alternatively you could feed them whole pray animals, like I do, but I don't see you Americans go there yet :rolleyes:Here's my cats munching on chicks:\They also get pigeons and quails.
  12. They call you daddy already too? When's the wedding? And what kind of cake will there be? Just kidding Good to hear you had a nice time.
  13. Wow that looks really uncomfortable Might just as well stick a bar of soap between my boobs looking at the shape of that thing . Whoever came up with this dumb idea, probably a guy .
  14. Let this be a lesson to you all: some serial killers are women! So never go on a date with a stranger and then get in the car with her when she tells you she'll drive you home. She's probably drugged you through your drink and is planning to rape and murder you!Tsss.... men are so naive
  15. Fleur

    Cell Phone Help

    As far as I know, if it's T-Mobile locked and you have a T-Mobile simcard it should not be a problem.
  16. Jeej Chrozzo! Good to hear he's doing better!
  17. Neh, by the time you arrive here I've already had too much time to make it perfect in my mind....
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