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  1. have fun allwent to the casino Friday and Saturday Seneca in Niagara Falls USA for the 2 sessions up $15001st time I played 5/10 on Saturday 13 hours and won $1300, yesterday played 1/2 and played 7 hours for $200today not sure yet just may relax watching the Jay and Wsox gameArron Hill Grand Slam :club:
    100$/H is that more than you charge?
  2. I respect how big a hit this was for you...i really do. But it seems that a thread cannot exist with you just doomclouding it. I'm saying this as kindly as humanly possible....but just stfu a little bit mabye. Short of that....create a single thread called "diamond dixie's super mad about BF thread of hate", and just post in there whenever you need to. Honestly, you've done a disservice to my small little story with your standard plague of F this, F that. I'm guessing this isn't the 1st thread in the last month you've done that to.
  3. Did any of you do Cash Transfer / Western Union for Carbon? Just seems so sketchy sending mass amounts of money to some guy in the Phillipines; but that's what they want ya to do! I assume it's all good since I haven't heard anything but would be good to hear someone elses success story before clicking the button :club:
    To deposit on FTP via western union u also had to send money to a guy on the phillipines (Costa Rica for PS iirc)
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