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  1. Why? Because I think colluders are the scum of the earth and should be banned? Because I don’t like seeing people duped out of their money for illegal products? Because you just wasted $14.95 I agree that banning instant messenger software will never happen. But that isn’t necessary. Having an instant messenger running is only a red flag. So is usually playing with the same person, suspicious types of playing, things like that. The more red flags you have they more likely you will be banned. It’s similar to a B/M casino kicking out card counters. They don’t have to prove he did anythin
  2. The other obvious concern I'd have using something like this program is who else is getting sent my hole cards? The owners of this site could be selling you something that also gives them your cards. Then they just log onto your table and...well you know the rest.I've also reported this product to the Poker sites.
  3. Yes. Using this will remove all doubt that you are colluding. Using MSN only raises the possibility that you are colluding. I suppose if you are in a hurry to get banned this is a great product.
  4. It’s an interesting website (and claim). It falls under the to-good-to-be-true category though. A person giving away software that could win him millions? A security hole in PokerStars that you can drive a truck though? Seems pretty unlikely. Even if it did work it couldn’t be undetectable. If you install PokserStars with admin privileges it can see whatever is running on your machine. More likely it’s a virus or a Trojan horse that will send your hole cards to his PC. But hey, try it out and let us know.
  5. I guess it depends on how you look at Daniels and Harrahs actions. Harrahs is clearly trying to cash in on the popularity of Hold’em by drastically curtailing the other games that they offer for the WSOP. This is clearly bad for poker in the long run by making poker = Hold’em in the eyes of the general pubic. But I look at Stacked as doing the same thing (on a smaller scale). Of course one difference is that the WSOP is being changed while Stacked is a new game, but I think that both of them end up promoting Hold’em at the expense of other types of poker. If not out right hypocrisy it’s a
  6. While I agree with the sentiments of Daniels blog there is quite a bit of hypocrisy in it. Daniel owes much of his non-poker income to the popularity of N/L Hold’em. His new poker game only offers one type of poker. Care to guess what it is? The Stacked website even calls him “Texas Hold'em star Daniel Negreanu…”. Not even poker star. Hold’em star. Since the WSOP is no longer family owned Hannahs is trying to maximize profits for its shareholders. In the long run I think they have a bad plan, but when have corporations cared about the long run? Will Daniel boycott the 2006 WSOP? Will
  7. I can't believe I just wasted 30 minutes of my life on that site. It's so pathetic it's not even funny. Well, ok, some if it was funny and pathetic at the same time. All of them seem to be "good" players so when they lose it must be due to something else. All the "evidence" was antidotal at best. “This guy was playing 12 tables at once…when I tried to chat with him he DIDN’T ANSWER!!!...must be a bot!!!!.” -Or maybe he was actually busy playing 12 fricking tables?…or had his chat turned off? Don’t even get me started about the guy with the 140 IQ…
  8. The site is blocked at my workplace so I can't comment on it directly. One thing that occurs to me though is that if the sites were rigged some insider (disgruntled employee or whatever) would have leaked code by now to prove it. And trust me, to pull off scam like this that would still give statistical fairness in the long wrong would require a ton of code.I'm sure a lot of it is perspective too. Yesterday I was playing N/L hold'em. I was heads up with someone else and long story short my AXs nedded a runner-runner to hit the flush. Now if he is conspiricy minded he might be thinking tha
  9. And I’ve never seen any such trend in my playing...of course I could be a shill and lying...it all depends on how paranoid you want to be. What levels are you playing at?He could have hit the wrong button, been looking at the wrong table, drunk, high, sleepy, watching football, misread his hand, misread the flop, his cat walked across the keyboard, he mistook what the other players did, or he's just a really really bad player. How much have you seen this player play? If he sucked out like this most of the time maybe you have something but if he is truly "working for the house" then you'd exp
  10. Freerolls dont count. I've got $40 that begs to differ!
  11. I'm not the first to say it but the lottery is a tax on the stupid. Seen from that point of view, I support it. Less taxes I have to pay (in theory).Funny thing is I'm one of the few people that is a long term "winning" lottery player. I've never bought a ticket, but won $40 on one my manager gave me last year. I'm quitting while I'm ahead.
  12. Of course the lottery is EV+ ...for the people running it.
  13. For the last time:-Party Poker controls the future cards you are dealt.-Poker Stars controls the flop cards.-Empire Poker controls how you will bet.-The Illuminati control the US goverment.-Moneymaker sold his imortal soul to the devil for a WSOP bracelet.-Microsoft controls what you can type on your computer.-Full Tilt poker got stuck with controling what color underwear you put on in the morning and your choice of snack foods.This is all well documented on the website www.....damn, I'm not on a Mac, Microsoft wont let me type the address...damn you Bill Gates!
  14. So your theory is that not only does Full Tilt know what cards are going to be dealt several hands in advance but it also knows how you will play them? Either seeing into the future or control your future actions. That's a pretty impressive achievement on their part.The two most likely explanations are you were looking at the results of a previous match (did you play this guy more than once?) or you were looking at the current standings and misinterpreting them (or Full Tilt mistakenly had "finished" in the results). I'm voting for one of those options before I'll believe Full Tilt can contr
  15. Also note that we aren't talking about just using your mouse movements to generate your cards. We are talking about using a sampling of everyone's movements. It's just another way to get a truly unpredictable number to seed the RNG.
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