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  1. good story and nice pics man. always appreciate cool stories like this. by the way:1+1= 2 is the same asT + O = jackasswhy was he even there? Oh thats right, because he is a 13 year old teen going thru puberty, who craves attention, trapped inside a 30-something year old body.not to offend anyone either, but here is the list of top 5 sports people who putt from the rough.in a definite predictable order:5) Cordell Stewart : the rumors must be true4) Eric Lindros : too many signs point to yes, even Bob Clarke (flyers GM) hinted at it a few years ago.3) Mike Piazza: home t
  2. Hello, my name is Inigo Montaya, you killed my father, pleepare (spelled like so for accent) to die!Hello, my name ....etc.etc.
  3. I 100% agree with this statement.If i was the one getting cheated I would have been very censored off at you for not telling us and let him cheat us the rest of the game. You had info and you didn't solve the issue. I would've been very tempted to kick your ass that nightagree
  4. "Hey Tim Wakefield, so your saying the countless professionals, and great poker players like Doyle, Ferguson, Negreanu, Harman, etc.. didn't know what they were doing, as opposed to Dannenman. Hey moron it's a lottery, anyone can get to the final table or win or come in second. If it came down to knowing what you were doing the entire time there wouldn't have been an amatuer at the table."-what a waste of 8 seconds reading this was
  5. probably going to say that he was the real voice of darth vader, not james earl jonesorjoining some sort of online poker site. He's just too big of a star to not be sought after by some site.
  6. turkey for you and turkey for me. Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope the holidays find all the FCPer's, including staff and their families, safe and enjoyable.
  7. whats his name on stars and party?
  8. a bunch of railbirds are claiming gamble4you is DN on tilt- playing Dagostino and dirksen right now. anyone know?
  9. maybe moneymaker isnt a true professional, but he won the main event which is more than everybody else in the world besides the previous 30+ main event winners can say. enough saidfind something interesting to discuss jackasses
  10. anyone know when this is going to air and on what station?
  11. people can be such freakin' morons. If you don't feel like a certain post, then DON'T respond! Don't try and be mister smart ass or some sort of sarcastic shmuck. Read the post, fine, but if you do not like it, read another one, or better yet, take a long walk off a ... well 'im sure you know the rest. and yes, you should've raised a little more.
  12. You're right Daniel, I was a complainer (read the blog). Thank you however, for talking poker again - I absolute love it when you talk about hands, games, $ amount and all the other interesting and awesome nuances, occurrences and situations that are involved in professional poker. fan of this site[/i]
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