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  1. are both online and both are kings...!?
  2. I'm just asking questions.Why do you hate freedom?
  3. From 2 + 2:"Wonder if his "personal betrayal" issue is related to JH and his finally discovering the truth relative to the line of BS she has been feeding the "gullible him" for years relative to the source of her wealth. Wonder if "pathological liar" rings a bell as it might relate to "personal betrayal"?"Come on now. Talk to us.
  4. betrayal shocked and disgustedworst betrayal !genuinely grossed outbut he can't go into detail...YES YOU CAN!
  5. Causing awe or terror; inspiring wonder or excitement?
  6. Guess I can make another Vs thread. FCP right now...?
  7. I actually (almost) felt sorry for Hellmouth. Tony and PH at the same table is TV gold.
  8. The Big game season 2 episode 20. If you don’t like Phil Hellmouth this is definitely the episode you got to watch. He is such a great guy. So very calm, relaxed and in touch with reality. I especially like the last seconds of the episode where all the players talked about the cannon. Think Hellmouth really showed what a great person he really is.
  9. I'm so happy. Stopped following the game when Hell-mouth was up to 1.6M. Thought it was all over, but man was I wrong!GO RAST GO!
  10. Playing PLO. Still running good. Weaker games on Stars now. Dont miss the US players, but feel for u guys.
  11. Sweet


    "Hellmuth for 38 is really high for a NLH specialist that seems more interested in his new "inside to out golf swing" and dropping as many names as humanly possible."
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