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  1. $88. he said J.R,c,a.92 and ment to send to J.R,A,C. 92. its my fault.
  2. it was all a scam. he changed one letter in the i.d. i ****ed up StudP0ker is available (6:35:09 PM)StudP0ker (6:35:06 PM): HeyStudP0ker is available (6:35:09 PM)>*nvrquit2* (6:35:11 PM): hi>*StudP0ker* (6:35:25 PM): You recieve the stake ?>*nvrquit2* (6:35:27 PM): yes ty>*StudP0ker* (6:35:44 PM): YW when do you plan to get started?>*nvrquit2* (6:36:25 PM): i might run a few tonight, but def all day>tomorrow, starting around 9 or 10am pst>*nvrquit2* (6:36:45 PM): one question about the real thread, what do ipost>in there?>*nvrquit2* (6:36:52 PM): real=rail>*StudP
  3. money sent to the wrong id. any ideas on how i can get stars to help? it was a one letter typoThank you for your email.The following message is displayed when making a real money transfer onPokerStars:"PokerStars does not intervene in disputes between players relating totransfers. If you do not know this recipient personally, or if thistransfer is part of a multi-part transaction (such as the sale of T$ orW$, which cannot be directly transferred by players), you may wish tocontact support@pokerstars.com for assistance."If we were to enforce the reversal of real money transfers at the requestof
  4. I love this show! Every episode keeps getting better and better. Great ending, she was really starting to piss me off. Now what the hecks going to happen?
  5. thanks so if i signed up today i can play tomorrow?what time do this run pst?
  6. is this over? i just downloaded betfair today
  7. http://www.todaysbigthing.com/2009/05/18
  8. my ps3 is broken it will no longer read discs, everything else works but it just wont read discs anyone else had this problem? called sony and i need to send it to them and $180 to get it fixed. send donations to nvrquit29(victoria)
  9. well thats all they have at the casino for sure
  10. this all they have at the casino http://www.lightningpoker.net/ only 2 tables but usally only one running and theres always a wait. its 1/2 and the players are bad. complete bingo poker.
  11. what are the vegas odds at?
  12. no odds. you think the hawks will win. ill bet you $50 the canucks win the series.
  13. Hawks are done. Bet on it?????????????????????????
  14. thanks for the link, i was able to find a way to do it with out paying though
  15. PokerStars Game #27523268410: Tournament #157110461, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (125/250) - 2009/04/26 16:43:50 ETTable '157110461 2322' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: bohan123 (5180 in chips) Seat 2: FellipeNunes (10156 in chips) Seat 3: pinzet (2118 in chips) Seat 4: Kittycatxyz (3726 in chips) Seat 5: mikethescarf (3888 in chips) Seat 6: LeafCupRun10 (6327 in chips) Seat 7: RS-van (2450 in chips) Seat 8: t-rock133 (20182 in chips) Seat 9: Nvrquit29 (4065 in chips) bohan123: posts the ante 25FellipeNunes: posts the ante 25pinzet: posts the ante 25Kittycatxyz: posts the ante 25mi
  16. can anyone help me out with this? i have a sony ericsson w810i with a rogers sim in it and im trying to put a fido sim in. any help would be great. thanks!
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