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  1. does anyone know anything about the historic teams for nhl 10? can you unlock more teams? all i can see is montreal.
  2. strange it still works for me and my friends
  3. If you're invited to a match do the following.Hit the PS buttonGo to Account management and hit triangleSign outNow sign back on to the PSN networkNow accept the Invite.WOO LAH yeah it sucks to do it but it works. suppose to be a patch by friday
  4. i have a ps3 game is siiiiiick. game of the year imo. nvrquit29 on psn
  5. neteller still works with pokerstars? i would use Echeck for deposit and paper check for cash outhttp://www.pokerstars.com/poker/real-money/echecks/?utm_id=3also this is new http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/real-money/ukash/?utm_id=3
  6. no more 180 man sngs today?dont see them
  7. Administrator: Many players have disconnected due to Internet routing problems, additional time to act added [2009/10/12-16:31:57 ET]
  8. anyone wanna bet on games of madden 10for the ps3? msg me on aim nvrquit2
  9. silvers? there chinook and coho salmon
  10. *** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Nvrquit29 [Ah Ad]WEND484: folds Nvrquit29: raises 100 to 150Julavergne: folds nicedreams69: folds PDV1979: folds tribeman25: raises 155 to 305 and is all-inscorpion403: folds papabep: calls 255Nvrquit29: raises 445 to 750papabep: calls 445*** FLOP *** [4s Ks Js]papabep: checks Nvrquit29: bets 885 and is all-inpapabep: calls 885*** TURN *** [4s Ks Js] [Jd]*** RIVER *** [4s Ks Js Jd] [2s]*** SHOW DOWN ***papabep: shows [7d As] (a flush, Ace high)Nvrquit29: shows [Ah Ad] (two pair, Aces and Jacks)papabep collected 2660 from side pottribeman25: shows [Qd Jh] (three of a
  11. PokerStars Game #30293069637: Tournament #178181998, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level XIII (600/1200) - 2009/07/10 1:18:43 ETTable '178181998 4' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: ox49 (46242 in chips) Seat 3: 004 license (86435 in chips) Seat 4: nostradamus6 (39557 in chips) Seat 5: Nvrquit29 (32150 in chips) Seat 8: NSB1982 (9648 in chips) Seat 9: RustyCosmik (55968 in chips) ox49: posts the ante 125004 license: posts the ante 125nostradamus6: posts the ante 125Nvrquit29: posts the ante 125NSB1982: posts the ante 125RustyCosmik: posts the ante 125NSB1982: posts small blind 600RustyCosmik
  12. An i <3 440s hand when you win, when you lose not so much.PokerStars Game #30290934278: Tournament #178181998, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (100/200) - 2009/07/09 23:30:49 ETTable '178181998 4' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: Jesse4u (8135 in chips) Seat 2: MrNutzAKQJ10 (5855 in chips) Seat 3: MarylandMike (3700 in chips) Seat 4: MattLiv12 (2710 in chips) Seat 5: Nvrquit29 (6700 in chips) Seat 6: GRaman1 (3940 in chips) Seat 8: treenut1026 (7470 in chips) Seat 9: RustyCosmik (6715 in chips) treenut1026: posts small blind 100RustyCosmik: posts big blind 200*** HOLE CARDS ***Dea
  13. PokerStars Game #30289539815: Tournament #178183557, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2009/07/09 22:32:53 ETTable '178183557 17' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: hannahbones9 (1095 in chips) Seat 2: MastrVran (1735 in chips) Seat 3: mred0001*! (1635 in chips) Seat 4: deweyace (1880 in chips) Seat 5: CoolAuntBB (1435 in chips) Seat 6: Nvrquit29 (1225 in chips) Seat 7: AKofSPADES07 (1330 in chips) Seat 8: kwdobbs (1590 in chips) Seat 9: MarylandMike (1200 in chips) MarylandMike: posts small blind 15hannahbones9: posts big blind 30*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Nvrquit29 [Ks Kh]Mas
  14. Thank you for your email.PokerStars does not intervene in disputes between players relating totransfers. If you do not know this recipient personally, or if thistransfer is part of a multi-part transaction (such as the sale of T$ orW$, which cannot be directly transferred by players), you may wish tocontact support@pokerstars.com for assistance.Unfortunately, after reviewing the accounts involved, please be advised thatwe are unable to return the money that was incorrectly transferred as it hassince been lost on the tables to other legitimate players.We suggest that you contact the player dir
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