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  1. anyine get a stake? or did somebody just need some love?
  2. you have a lotta post and are a solid memeber or fcppstars- Nvrquit29
  3. PokerStars Game #14747367445: Tournament #74499063, $3.00+$0.30 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (150/300) - 2008/01/22 - 16:05:34 (ET)Table '74499063 29' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: nicks994 (31944 in chips) Seat 2: JJJJeroen (11190 in chips) Seat 3: Nvrquit29 (21085 in chips) Seat 4: andryb (11872 in chips) Seat 5: jmarka (18015 in chips) Seat 6: throppster (9552 in chips) Seat 7: overyde (30254 in chips) Seat 8: manicboy247 (6725 in chips) Seat 9: dilligaf56 (17093 in chips) nicks994: posts the ante 25JJJJeroen: posts the ante 25Nvrquit29: posts the ante 25andryb: posts the ante 25jmarka
  4. Tough break man, hang in there!!
  5. hey pucksniper, yeah i remember that ft nice job taking it down
  6. Hello, im new to fcp. im looking for some people to talk about poker stragety and what not. i play mostly 4.40's on stars. if anyone has aim and would like to chat well grinding it out on pokerstars please add me up- nvrquit2. my pokerstars id is nvrquit29
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