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  1. does this mean anything for canadians playing on stars?
  2. Lots could be said about that game last night but all i will say is this- That sure was a great time to clean the ice.
  3. Very tired of people jumping off the band wagon. Cant even watch sports center or the nhl network for the next 2 days. Nothing but negativity everywhere. The worst is the hawks fans who before the series started had nothing to say. Games 1,2,3 even 4 nothing to say. Now its the series is over. Last time i checked it was the 1st to win 4 games. Wish i could just sleep till sunday and wake up about 3pm. Lets go boys!!! End it on sunday!!!
  4. Really dont think getting the hawks 1st round is a beat at all. Ride the high of knocking them out in 4 or 5 all the way to cup. Hawks arent even close to the same team as last year. Nucks want revenge bad.
  5. Get well soon manny I was at that game in the 2nd row right by the bench.
  6. Play during the day, they fill up fast. Can get about 10 up in a hour.(If you run ok)
  7. 12.99 is what i charge for nhl11 coaching Gold tho
  8. Please do not give away any of my secrets!
  9. 440 coaching for the low, low price of 9.99 an hour! Included in your package will be a list of all the 440 multi table high volume regs from the likes of thegreatmodi to the low volume multi table regs including tbrick412 Also a free copy of my book: Blank on the river,am i still good? The life of a unemployed 440 grinder
  10. http://vvcap.net/db/ih80AITIHxnEvkp5fax4.htp
  11. Played in one last night. 8 handed 10 min levels with 2k starting chips took just under 2 hours to finish.
  12. ok maybe play less and win when hu
  13. I could see the coyotes and sit in the 8th row for the same price as the hawks tix
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