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  1. i liked it .... just that it was more like a documentary rather than a movie
  2. ok, i've seen this movie ... its good! much better than the others very funny
  3. i agree... bobby baldwin does a good job explaining omaha8
  4. hey, can we also have a stud hi tournament? or a Pot limit holdem one? or is it too late ?!
  5. i am so happy that i've made the most final tables.... its almost like beating Phil Hellmuth's record of 11 bracelets! .... lol, i just wanned to say that the tournament for tommorow is not on the list on PS, i can't register .... thus i cant make another final table ....
  6. the horse we played yesterday was beautiful... we finished in like 3 hours and something ... the blinds were perfect ..... but the one we played last week, that was a killer man! for next week i hope the antes will go up just like yesterday, every 12 minutes, instead of 15 like beforeedit: i just saw the leaderboard, lol.... i made the most final tables .... the one when i finished 8th in the 27TD doesnt count right?
  7. i suggest blinds to go up every 12 minutes rather than 15. i know the more time per blinds, the more skill and less luck, BUT these 40 people tournaments take 5 hours! and if u get to the last 4 people u will be playing for a very long period of time! its only a $10 tournament ....
  8. it would be interesting to see some stats
  9. i play plo8 a lot too, but i've never seen anything like that .... i would never fold 55 there ... there is too great a chance both players have full houses with and nut lows. wow! sick hand.... but the guy with quads shouldnt have slowplayed on the flop, esp if there were people who already comminted money on the flop....
  10. great post indeed! i also wanned to know more about the math of 2-7
  11. wow, that sounds sick ...i would surely give it a trybut then who do u compete against? more people or just one other? lol... very interesting and possible to be true
  12. lol.... hellmuth won his 2nd PAD title. now by sticking out his 2 index fingers he can not only show the number of bracelets but also how many PAD he has won, lol.dont you find it annoying to see how poorly PAD is structured at the end? the blinds go up from like 1000-2000 to 1500-3000 after like 3 or 4 hands .... all the shows have coinflips at the end for all the money. it doesnt matter how good you play you can still win it. in the last match, shawn had like 75000 3way and still managed to lose. same thing happened to ivey the match before and so many other times. it seems like it doesnt m
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