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  1. ship it here you fool, ill show you what the micon system is all about.
  2. I said poker forum, not graveyard.
  3. You do realise why that statement is absurd when comparing him to Negreany, right? Again, no disrespect intended, there's nothing wrong with certain lifestyles, but I think it was Phil Ivey who said that Daniel treats Vegas as one big closet.
  4. No, Micon is a winning player. According to the cash game specialists, he is actually one of the biggest cash game winners not playing in the big game regularly.
  5. I've got quotes to back that up. And if you remember the 2006 wsop the cameras loved him, he was doing the thriller dance, and laughing and joking the whole time.
  6. These guys should be arch-enemies, they are similar but different. Two young guns in the pro poker world. Both with their own forums.PersonalityMicon wins this one. Not that it's a big criticism of Negreanu per se, but Micon pretty much outshines most people in the personality department. He's been described as the "energy in the room".Poker skillsThis is hard to judge just going by tourney results and whatnot, I know Daniel had a good run a few years ago, but I know for a fact that Micon is the better cash game player. I remember someone telling me they had overheard Todd Brunson and Eskimo C
  7. Is this some kind of april fool's joke? If it was really used why would they pick that picture?
  8. (cash games) Usually until I double up, and then I try to make too many fancy moves, or try to play too many tricky hands out of position, or just try to bluff preflop at a full table because I'm bored (which is really retarded in a NL cash game)
  9. Hey FWP, how's your dad doing these days?
  10. Yeah, I'd say your source is pretty reliable. Especially since Ed Miller posted a whole topic on how he was going to be on Quuer Eye over on 2+2 a few months ago.
  11. Well, he's Canada's best tourney player right now, but I'll give Danny boy the advantage in cash games.
  12. Was reading some poker blogs, and Jordan's latest entry kinda made me thin, "Yeah. Wow. Never thought of it like that"He was saying how some people play poker for competition, but your biggest opponet is yourself. Good stuff. Here's a link.Jordan's blog
  13. Of course they can, wouldn't want the casino indian tribe lobbyists losing money now would we?
  14. Feel sorry for Ivey pushing all in with AK on a K high board vs Gavin's KK. Supposedly Gavin's so loose people never put him on a real hand. If you listen to the circuit Gavin really is awesome.
  15. How many hours have you wasted in freerolls? Those hours should have been spent working some job, and then you'd have a small amount to start with. If you really understand pot odds and read up on the game you should deposit cash and start playing limit, or $5 sngs. Even microlimits have better players than freerolls, and at least in the microlimits you're making money.Also keep records when you start playing for real money, and start looking at your game over the long run.
  16. Just jokin' man, of course I read the post. Super variance in a game like PLO, that's why I made the lucky joke. If the leavers were regular players they shoulda known about variance in a game like that. Sounds like they were playin above their heads if they just quit a game like that without reloading.
  17. What!? People get lucky in Omaha? Unbelievable
  18. "Can't even slow roll right". LOL, wanna use that in a live game one day
  19. Ha nice pot! On waiting list.Hahahahaha, that game's awesome! Is Vogel FCP too?
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