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  1. am I the only one that thinks this is a callable spot?Either you put the last guy to act on a flush, or not. If you don't put him on a flush, we don't need to worry about his money since it's not going in... but if we do, then we count his money as well...Scenario #1- 1950 in the pot, 700 to call and he has 7 outs. 28% to hit, and he's putting in something like 22% of the pot... that sounds like proper pot odds to me...Scenario #2(other guy does not have flush)- 1250 in the pot, 700 to call, 11 outs(9 spades, 2 aces). 42% to hit, putting in approx 37% of the pot.Corrections?
  2. I think the fact that the pot is still relatively small, would lead me to play this hand a little slower. As has been mentioned, either you're way ahead or way behind; and with the overcall on the flop, why risk it? On the river, there's not much need to call this bet. there are too many hands that beat you.
  3. Well that's the other thing, isn't it?What you're left with is an approximation for a given situation. This in turn becomes an instinct and part of your normal play, not that you know what the exact numbers are. Now you're working with 'feel'.
  4. Agreed! Exactly 100% what I was thinking. I just wondered if I was missing something huge with all the math talk that goes on.Thanks.
  5. I've been doing a lot of studying recently, and have gotten into the math of poker. + or - EV plays, ICM, Pot Odds, equations to determine the best price of a river bet with the nuts, etc.. My question is, isn't the math of poker and all of the equations unnecessary if you have a solid grasp of the concepts? Like, I know I'm better to play premium hands pre-flop, so does it stand to say that I should know the EV of the play? Uhm, I hope I explained this properly.Maybe, it's what some people call 'feel'? I guess I'm thinking that the math is just the explanation for the good plays you make based on a really good feel and understanding of how the game works (sans math).
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