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  1. i know the video and i am already a cr member. I already occasional 4/5bet ind HU, but i want to play an hyperaggressive game, where i play some kind of lagtard style. its more about a gameplan question how to be a superaggromonkey and win.
  2. hi, i am working on my HU game and want to integrate massive 4-betting/5-betting cause i think a lot of low stakes HU players cant counter it.The problem is i dont know how often i should 4-bet/5-bet and with what type of hands i can do this profitably.Anybody does this and can say with what range he is doing it?Also: How does it affect my opening range if i want to play like this? With what hands i should call a 3-bet rather than 4-bet? Same question about shoving/5-betting.
  3. To a stupid aggrodonk like me your turn c/r followed by a check on the River looks so weak. And i think i would try to bluff. And i definitly would valuebet AJ or better.I simply couldnt believe you have a big hand here? If you had i would be really surprised.As i thought about it i think your play is really smart. It looks like a trap, but in fact you are protecting your weakness and forcing your opponent to polarize his range on the river. That means you will have an easy decision. Daniel your the messiah of poker!
  4. i would like to understand how it works exactly. But i have just human handreadingskills, hope i can still learn something Did you write an article about it?I am focused on Headsup poker btw and would LOVE to integrate limping in my game cause most people think its so fishy and become uncautious. If you are playing a bad player Headsup your profits will come from his willingness to put in a lot of money in out of position with ace-rag type of hands and stuff. But since better players dont do this mistake and simply fold to most Button raises i think you might force them to play you oop if you begin limping or minraising. And since the value of position increases with bigger stack sizes compared to the pot you should be in a good position. 3-bets are alot easyer to call also if you just minraised.I experimented a lot with this type of stuff but didnt get too good results till now. So PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE tell me how you do this.
  5. K6? hm he is beating close to nothing what pealed that Flop. I think K6 should fold the river cause daniels play looks really like a witheled checkraise on the turn and that the pot consists just 4.25 BigBets.
  6. i think you can find a fold given that UTG overcalled the Flop. But remember the hand against Todd Brunson on HSP there he overcalled with a hand he knew that wasnt good anymore? He just did that to bluff you out on the river, you folded the acehighflush cause you thought he had jacks full ))The problem is: To UTG your hand is absolutly hidden. The Button might just took a stab on the Flop or has some little to mediocre PP 22-77 and your call could mean everything from a 4 with some random kicker to a silly float attemped. So infact you and the Button have shown so much weakness and a 4 cant really call on that board anymore, so why is he valuebetting that strong given what he thinks about your hand? The UTG limp looks quite donkish btw or perhaps he limped cause a bad player was sitting in the BB or somewhere else at the table or he has some unconventional style.So i dont think folding is terrible, but this is a quite odd situation and your hand is underrepped. Perhaps he is making a superthin valuebet. If i knew that villian is somehow tricky or loves to make longshotbluffs i would beat him in the pot.
  7. i think villian has exactly acehigh and a mediocere kicker. he checked the turn cause he didnt want to be checkraised and to induce a bluff on the river
  8. Hi,the basic mantra in all poker forums is: Never ever open limp. Especially dont limp if you are in a high blind situation cause winning the blinds preflop is so important. Daniel, how do you manage to openlimp and defend your BB in High blind situation profitbaly? Is this play based on your handreading skills and that you can outplay your opponents after the flop or is there math behind this? ANd why everybody says this is a big leak if you in fact can win like this?
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