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  1. he really can'tunless you have a spare rubiks cube
  2. inb4 phil stares at the picture for 20 minutes trying to understand the 2nd joke in that picture
  3. inb4 no one gets this joke
  4. even I don't even think rdog douches it up. gg him.
  5. who is more useless, me or OP?
  6. the question is if DN busts before FT, will he rail the fluff?
  7. Do you agree that Flyleaf is the worst band on the planet?Did Phil finally get a haircut? WUG thoughts on the matter?Does Adam have a Canadian or Northern Minnesota accent?
  8. glllllll sir, finally off to bed, 2:35 AM is too damn late imo
  9. Filtz Fades Draws, Busts OlsonPosted 6 minutes ago by SantanaBandanaWhen we reached Table 361, David Olson was all in and at risk against Justin Filtz. The flop was already out - {9-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} - and the hands looked like this:Filtz: {8-Spades}{8-Hearts}Olson: {9-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}Olson needed a diamond for a flush, a six for a straight, or running cards to make a full house, but bricked out when the board ran {3-Hearts}, {j-Hearts}. Olson hit the rail, and a wave of chips was pushed Filtz's way.Chip Counts Justin Filtz 280,000 105,000 pos David Olson Busted Read m
  10. if youre gonna play money it up should go to RPMrun dem step SNGs, win step 3 and get a dollhairmight as well try to make $10 back while nutbarring imo
  11. well i'll be playing all day so should be a couple PMs for yaedit: nvm, bad headache, ill do it in the next couple days
  12. what kind of tourney HHs do you need? I can get you with and without ante probably but tell me where to get em cause my merge HHs make no sense at all and don't seem like they'd help matters.
  13. i posted 25 times in the ****in drunk thread? i dont remember that
  14. could be worse, he could have worn an aaron rodgers or prince fielder jerseyactually i lied they dont make fielder jerseys in 2x or less so ill go with craig counsell
  15. gl kidgametymer win a bracelet for me <3
  16. the people disputing him being equally as inept and not being able to defend the case as poker = income. makes the case's perception a lot weaker.
  17. comments section is so retarded. IMO get in there and back the letter up.
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