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  1. we all know FCP died with my well threadthe wake is when tbrick is MOTMthe eulogy is when i am MOTMthe funeral ends with rose is MOTM
  2. 58. Cell Phone Rule: All cell phones and other voice-enabled and “ringing” electronic devices must be turned off during tournament play. Players not involved in a hand (cards in muck) shall be permitted to text/email at the table, but shall not be permitted to text/email any other player at the table. If Rio, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, believes a player is communicating with another player at the table, both parties will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and face imposition of additional penalties as described in Rule 38. All players desiring to talk on a cell ph
  3. Question: Thoughts on opening up private homegame tables with friends and running $1 flips near milestone hand time to get payout for all 9 people?
  4. that actually might be phils best game tbh
  5. vamos JRB to get 2 outed in 10th one timeeeee
  6. was this before or after you moved, cause otherwise some random guy is gonna get a cool hat if you didn't update address (i don't remember when exactly you moved)
  7. limp/jam any open, call if he jams itif he checks and you flop badly, check/fold down
  8. Notta clue, I have no business with this.
  9. Yo all,Got an IM from someone we all know, saying he wants to pay back anyone here he owes money to. He also says anyone from the CardRunners ordeal he owes money to can post here as well. PayPal would probably be the method.So, if Erik Ryland owes you money, post here and hopefully I'm not getting trolled and he pays back.EDIT: Also says he'll have money on Lock on the 15th.
  10. Do they just have a camera on Beth Shak and Phil saying "well this is just terrible, i mean she's calling with king queen"?
  11. did flips vs twstdwrstr couple days agoi lost for the first time in like 12 timeshowsithappen
  12. was serious, wanted to golf but my clubs are @ my dad's since i had a trip planned that got cancelledand my favorite casino is like 2 hours awayi was stuck grinding on merge, imagine my envy
  13. for the first time in my life im jealous of kingjames
  14. also i do not give a flying bloody **** what you think of my dance moves
  15. bump for recalling misery and wondering why this never happened again
  16. mercury increases his lead on worst member race on dabetkafunny part was i was going to say dabetka initially but then i went back and looked at who tehtoe had picked and it was dabetka anyway
  17. Wat? The sign for Brian's is down the street from me, I'm confused. Did they rename it or was it closed down over there? I suppose I could get off my ass and walk the 3 minutes down the street to find out, but I'm a bit lazy.Also, your only really cricket competition would have been Adam, pool probably as well. If Brandon's cricket skills are anything resembling his beer pong skills, I imagine he only filled 17 and 19, proceeding to completely miss the board on 20% of his shots.Sorry about Pint House, that was my idea and it didn't play out. Service is usually a hell of a lot better than that,
  18. shoulda gone to brian's last night, regrettably i did not. fml, hope it was fun kids
  19. and everyone was right except you, unless 3200+ people reg on 1D. 6500 would be -819 from last year.
  20. thread title made me think you were shortening pai gow poker to paoker, dunno why.this shit ****ing sucks. do they really have nothing better to do in knox county?
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