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  1. GL to all the horses still running. I'm sure my opinion does not really matter, but I don't mind the AK play there Chrozzo. Fired two shells and can't him off the KJ (i think). Just sucks, GL tho.
  2. Bright House sucks....Thanks for the updates sirRizzo
  3. Yea I called also...-congrats on the bracelet-asked him a hand question-nice guyRizzo
  4. Saw the end of all the action...GG sir
  5. Alright thanks, my bad then. It just caught me off guard.
  6. Not sure if this is weird or not, but "R u a doofus" has 1400+ at a .10/.20 in LHE. Stars table Roxane.
  7. Been railing the action...good luck all, TID
  8. I was out there last july and stayed at Tropicana. Pretty old and the rooms we had were kinda crappy. It was not a problem for us though because we were not in the rooms at all and you can just walk to other hotel's pools. We actually hit the Trop pool one day and it was really sweet because we got a cabana for like 50$...i recommend. There is pretty much great food everywhere and drinks get pricey, but its vegas so go big. Good luck and have fun.
  9. Most places downtown are still doing pretty well. I suggest Backroom or 23 for upscale lounge type places. There is a ton of them down there though. Downtown is pretty pricey in general, but guaranteed black-out. You can always stay local and hit the sleezy UCF places. (Devaney's, Library, etc)...hope it helps. OHHHHhH wednesday is a pretty good happy hour at Amigo's or Urban Flats, just FYI-Rizzo
  10. Ok Ok got it. I'm slow, sorry.
  11. Thank you for the welcomes. First noob question and please be kind...how do I use the wrap in quotes feature?
  12. Mkaplan108, if I knew how to do the paste thing with your "welcome" I would do it. But I go to UCF and support the Ksmith icon.
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