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  1. i was going to post but i saw knollie919's signature and decided to holla at knollie919 instead. lol.
  2. am i the only one who was cringing when barry made that math speech?
  3. 10 to 1!!! i wish you the best op. if you end up winning a bracelet, dont' forget about me!!
  4. i want to improve my plo game but don't know which one to get. there are a bunch of PLO books coming out in the next few months. jeff hwang will have a short-handed one. rob hollink has a new one too. even online pro Slowhabit has a new one as well. from what I read on twoplustwo, Slowhabit seems like the real deal. hwang's book has been getting a lot of love from beginner players. hollink is supposedly a top plo player. forgot to mention one thing. slowhabit came out with a nlhe book that cost $1850 LOL. no, that's not a typo. he's selling it at dailyvariance.com.thoughts?
  5. does anyone have any recommendation? i am torn between a few books.slotboom seems good.hwang has been receiving good reviews.slowhabit seems to be a good online player.what do you guys think? there's a good discussion on twoplustwo: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/38/omaha...lo-book-419359/
  6. Hey guys, Here is a review about online poker instructional video sites. Hopefully, PokerVT won't disappoint after its launch.
  7. I hate shoving the turn. It folds out all the hands you beat. Just call the turn and call the river.
  8. I don't mind your play. Betting the turn and calling a shove is also a reasonable option.
  9. I would have probably bet the turn. On the river, it's a crying call.
  10. After playing the 25/50 NL games on Stars, does DN think he's the favorite now?
  11. Edit: My post was submitted twice and I do not know how to delete this. Mods, please delete this post. Thanks.
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