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  1. The article makes a couple of point which I'll illustrate in real world cases...1. Have you noticed people who love to chase flush draws, disregarding the risk/reward offeredby the amount they have to call? This is because the memory of the lesser times they HIT the flush is so SWEET to them, it overpowers the true fact they lose money overall in making those calls.2. A novice player holding 44 to a flop K Q 3 loses less money then if he is holding JJ. Even if thepre-flop and post-flop actions point to his opponent having a K or Q, the novice does not internalizethe fact that JJ is no bette
  2. You just don't know how to play 99 re-raised. Put your opponent on something weak, make a massive shove, be dead wrong, and suckout on the river. That's how I play them. *********** # 99 **************PokerStars Game #36799048070: Tournament #199618967, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2009/12/16 22:17:16 ETTable '199618967 2' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: CricketBot (6285 in chips)Seat 2: seles1 (6085 in chips)Seat 3: j5o5c (2170 in chips)Seat 4: Tasman25 (3230 in chips)Seat 5: HGWT Paladin (4595 in chips)Seat 6: hoodini (1945 in chips)Seat 7: TrialLawyer (2980 in chip
  3. Does his table image/personna serve him best in getting players to lay down hands or in getting players to pay him off with losers?
  4. Congrats! Boy, If my A9 held up vs. your A8 on the last hand we would have been back to even. That's just how I've been running lately.(seles1 on PokerStars)
  5. Anyone know details on how JoeShowdown got smoked so early? He had posted some very solid results upto last night.
  6. Maybe, but after 25+ years in the corporate world, I'm still waiting for someone to speak about putting the "greater good" ahead of self-interest.
  7. While I agree with you in theory, let's interject a little reality. Companies advertise for a reason and it's not to promote the "greater good" of their industry. It's to differentiate and promote themselves above everyone else in the same industry. McDonald's commercials don't tout the benefits of fast food.P.S.Implied negative in a stated positive is a classic advertising trick. "Our hot dogs are great, and remember, you'll never find us using pigs ears in our franks".
  8. I'm still very inexperienced at Stud but I figured when you start with [J J] K J K .... you're going to survive the hand. Wrong! Congrats to the top 3! See you next week...JW(playing at PS as seles1, I guess I should re-register with that name here)PokerStars Game #30254966060: Tournament #172717044, $10+$1 HORSE (7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Limit) - Level XV (800/1600) - 2009/07/09 0:03:09 ETTable '172717044 2' 8-maxSeat 2: orba (19183 in chips) Seat 3: seles1 (4726 in chips) Seat 4: mse4488 (12340 in chips) Seat 6: Hatchet826 (26751 in chips) orba: posts the ante 160seles1: posts the ante 160mse4488
  9. Thanks, after a slow start I finally got some hands and had them hold-up for a change. I've only heard about this thing a month or so ago and had never played at PokerStars previously. Seem like a good group of guys.JW(playing as "seles1")
  10. Maybe I missed a big check raise opportunity there but I never suspected you had a 3. I figured if I checked the river you would likely=> check behind if you had the K. check behind if you had a pocket pair (QQ thru 99) check behind the missed flush draw (don't know your game enough to think you would make bluff )and surely you would payoff a value bet with 2 of those 3.you had the K
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