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  1. So the Smith boys do Vegas. Me, my dad, and uncle go to Vegas for a guy’s trip, my uncle is a lawyer and is having some kind of convention so his company pays for a suite at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay..... Sweeeeeeeeeeet. My dad has plane ticket already so im on a free roll. My dad takes the couch after he says my uncle snore and me too load, that’s cool with my because of the great beds they have. On to the action....Saturday: Get into the room about 3pm, put our stuff away and got to the Venetian for some food. We choose a Mexican place, the name escapes me now but it good expically with a f
  2. I'm in vegas sat thru wed at The Hotel at Mandalay bay in a free room weeeeeeeeeee. Anyone ever try the $20 trick?? You put a $20 bill in between your Drivers licenens and Credit card when you check in and ask if there are any complementary room up grades. I think i saw a something about it on allvegas.com seemed to work for several people. They said if they did not upgradeyour room that the person checking you in would not take your $20 for the most part. Maybe im just a sucker but i guess its worth a try.
  3. 90 K Guarantee 1/6 $22K for first GLGLGLGLGLGLGL
  4. tunicapoker.com has a list of tourneys no sure if they have they structure or not. IMO the $125 freeze out at the Gold Strike is the best tourney also the $65 + 40 rebuys at the Horseshoe is a good one too if you like rebuys. If i recall one of the dealers told me that the avg. per player for the rebuy is like $240. You will not need to look anywhere but the Goldstrike aand Horseshoe for cash games, i usually play at the Goldstrike in the 1/2 or 2/5 NL as they have a huge badbeat jackpot usually between $250,000 and $300,000. On Sunday the Horseshoe has a good $125 + one $100 rebuy tourney. E
  5. 43% = over/under for # of bets in this thread that will never be paid
  6. So i go to check in and my brother wants to buy a percentage of me. so he gives me $250 of the 500 buy in, and i give him 25% of me. I know it is your brother but i don't think i understand the math when gives you 1/2 the buy-in but only gets 25% of your action???????? Should he not have gotten 50% for putting up 50% of the money?
  7. I'll be there. hope to get there intime to play Fri . I read some that they were strarting everyone with 10K in chips but i can't remember if it was at the Grand of Gold Strike with the blinds starting at 25-25 with 30 or 40 min levels. I'll play which ever one you get the 10k in chips seems to be a pretty good value for a small buy in tourney. Can anyone confirm seems like it was at the Grand but i will try to find and repost. I'll be wearing a blue Gray Goose hat or a Masters visor. Good Luck Edit: The WSOPC at the Grand is the place. found this ina report from the first event that poker p
  8. In be there the 11th thru the 13th got a suit at the Shoe for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. 2730 at the break .... AA once no action and 88 flopped quads and no action
  10. mine went back to normal on the Ak vs Ak hand
  11. same problem here......unfortunatly it only cut out part of Norman Chads name and not Norman Chad
  12. lol i just checked the first few that busted out and it shows all of them in the 100 seat tourney. Wish i would have been in on that.
  13. Anyone try to use a debit card to deposit on FTP. I have a Visa debit card and was wondering it that would work. I know this has been talked about thousands of times but its late/early and i don't want to look it up.thanksedit: before u get the flaming started i found the energy to use the search function and it looks like it may be ok to use a debit card to deposit.
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