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  1. Did I say you cannot post here? Pretty confident I didn't. Did I say you can't post your opinions? Again, I said no such thing.None of this discussion between us has to do with your opinions or thoughts. It has to do with your odd ability to write like a 2 year old when I assume you are not at all a 2 year old. I just don't understand it. It doesn't make sense to me. I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to grammar or spelling. Like that one person said, if you use Firefox for example, you will get a red line underneath misspelled words. That is how I am able to post posts that are 100% free
  2. Sorry, I just don't agree with most of that. Sure if English is not your 1st language then fine, mistakes and such are expected and should not be looked down upon. But that is not the situation here. She continually fights with people on this site to be taken seriously but it's hard to take someone seriously when they post like they are in 2nd grade. I know it is harsh but they way you speak and present yourself has an effect on how people perceive you. We can argue all day long on whether it is right or wrong but the simple fact is is that people tend to be turned off by people who come off u
  3. What has Wilson achieved in this league that makes him "one of the best coaches in league history"? Has he even won a cup or gotten to the finals? I honestly don't know and am curious.
  4. Aside from your atrocious grammar and spelling, I am very curious about your thought process when deciding to capitalize a letter or not. Very odd.
  5. You act as if the country was riding a high point when he came into office and now it is falling to the ground. Welcome to how the bleeding heart liberals felt the previous EIGHT YEARS that helped (not saying 100% at fault but played a large part there big guy) put this country in the state it is now. Can't believe I foolishly voted for that monkey cowboy.
  6. Captain Adama


    I am sure it is all fabricated truth. I like this forum.
  7. I think I feel more sorry for you because you take things written on a message board on the internet too seriously. Does his post really hurt you so much? Do you lay awake at night angry or upset or frustrated by what some anonymous dude posted in the religion forum of a poker website. Do you see how ridiculous it looks. Sure, you will say that it doesn't actually bother you but it must bother you somewhat for you to come back and post such negative things toward another human being. Seems a tad bit hypocritical as well. God is shaking his head at you for being easily tempted.
  8. I would go for JC. He has had a pretty sick year imo.
  9. I agree with the gobears guy. If cooked properly duck is moist and tender and very similar to chicken or any other type of fowl.
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