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  1. I agree. I have numerous items that more horsepower and/or beer will help improve.If mnaboobs count I may qualify.
  2. U used to play a lot of smaller SNG and this was usually one of two hands AK or AA KK again and he is pushing hoping you think there is no way he could have gotten a hand again.
  3. I was not worried about work safe per se. More disgusting female body part safe.
  4. Someone else wanna click this and let me know if there are any body parts I won't be able to look at the same again.
  5. Correct, but from what I understood is that most hospital don't (or at least didn't when I looked into it) have diamond blade cutters.
  6. SO did Keith ever get the 'professional' help, being that it was his birthday and all.
  7. I fell asleep for like 5 minutes, woke up and have not been able to sleep since.I have to be up in 2 hours, either thats not happening or I'm not sleeping tonight.
  8. Watched it with my wife tonight. I am a pansy usually on sad movies, and I did not shed a tear.I am also bummed out that I did not realize younger that chicks dig Irish.
  9. Well in response to Beans emo post and also thinking about something that Steve said earlier:It is very sad that to adopt a child it costs between 20 and 30K and up to a 2 year wait. I understand that most people want newborns, so they can raise them as there own. But with all the children in this world that need homes, people are reduced to buying baibes.Look I have 2 of my own now and it really is the cliche 'greatest thing that has ever happened to us'.I have not looked into it, I don't know what the guidelines are for adopting a child, but if Sal can help raise random girls kids, anyone pr
  10. Jefe

    The Sandlot

    Anyone know anything about her scar. I have been watching top chef all season and just noticed it recently.OhAnd she is smokin hot!
  11. Yeah I pretty much do, I know a lot of people.I know about your lesbian beer dick escapade, is that strange to think I would know about a real life friends inability to impregnate his wife? Well I'm glad somebody noticed. And then there is also this.
  12. Jefe

    The Sandlot

    I can't believe you guys didn't get this one.ChineseSiameseLook at these!
  13. We are lucky that gas is bought and sold on futures, because at $130 a barrel of oil gas would be about 7-8 dollars a gallon for us right now.A barrel of oil is 42 gallons, which makes about 20 gallons of gas. so without considering refining/transportation/and general operations cost; gas cost in current oil prices is a minimum $6.50 a gallon.Blame OPEC. I do.Oh that and hippies that won't let us drill in our own country.Oh and exporting oil, which we do.If we just used domestic oil, and our reserves, we could be back down to $2.00 a gallon. If we increased drilling in Alaska, the rockies and
  14. I only have what he told me to go off of. He said that the normal male has between 20 mil and 200 mil per pop. He was around 8 mil. But he had less than 30% of good sperm. The problem he had was a pinched vein or something like that, that actually was decreasing his supply and it actually kept his sac held up higher.I was laughing my ass off at him after the surgery because he kept sitting on his nutsac, he wasn't used to where it was.So again, I have no idea if this applies to you, but figured I would pass it along, and maybe it would give you some hope to have your own.
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