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  1. I would not have raised two limpers, especially with one being tight, with 30BB and 87s unless I was fairly sure I could steal the pot from everyone involved postflop.At a weak tight table, bells and whistles go off for me if I get three callers to a PF raise. Once your flop bet gets called, you can be pretty sure the weak-tight BB has some piece of that board or a decent enough PP, and is probably trying to milk you for chips, given you've swiped some pots and he thinks you'll do the betting for him. If you gave up on the turn, you'd best give up on the river as well, though I probably don'
  2. I will add that if we bet the flop, KJ or some other better hand probably raises us and we find out sooner that we're beat (and for fewer chips).
  3. This is one of those multiway flops you need to lead in position. We have plenty of chips relative to the pot, and can afford to thin the herd a bit. This also gives a healthy turn lead more strength. I don't think KJ or QT's going anywhere :/ I think this line's more consistent with trip jacks, though.
  4. Telling people they suck doesn't help anyone if you're not going to go into any real detail on what sucks about their play and what constitutes good play and why.Looshle consistently cashes in donkaments for serious money and knows how to play. He can help more people by explaining with some detail why he thinks bad plays are bad, and why he thinks a different play is good.
  5. See, that's why you bet more flops when HU! Then you catch a monster, bet as usual, villain thinks nothing of calling or raising you.
  6. I would actually rather have all the big stacks at my table and be the short stack than be the big stack at a table full of tightish small stacks, because to make a deep run, you need to stack build, and the more chips in play at your table, the better. I've been in the other situation, where I'm stuck treading water with a bunch of tight, shortish stacked players, and I typically find myself unable to gain enough ground to avoid short-stacked doom in the later levels because of it.Even though your stack is healthy right now, you're going to need to double through somebody soon anyway to get
  7. To wit on how loosely players steal from this spot, some will open a steal attempt with ATC. Obv it depends on how often villain took shots at the blinds, but if he's opening from the button regularly, I give it little respect.
  8. The extra jackpot drop will affect the profitability of marginal hands, meaning unless the game is really loose, you'll need to tighten up your starting hand requirements just a bit.The value of a jackpot depends on what it takes to hit it. Is Aces full of tens or better beaten by quads good, or does it need to be something like quads over quads? Either one is very, very rare, of course. However, the former may be worth playing for despite its remote chances, since it hits regularly enough, while the latter is as rare as flopping a royal (and the size of the jackpot indicates this may be th
  9. Your opponent has the FD so little of the time here it's not worth worrying about. Hopefully, you've been leading a lot of flops regardless of your position, and you can go ahead and lead here with your opponent none the wiser. Otherwise, play it consistently with how you've played previous flops.
  10. With no reads, get it in. This is a steal more often than not. Okay, he had an actual hand that time, but if he's ripping you, he doesn't understand short stack play on the bubble. And the chat is just white noise anyway.
  11. On the flip side, I don't see you doing a lot of educating. More like a lot of smack talk down to players you consider beneath you.
  12. That's quite a flattish scoring structure. Basically, such a flat structure rewards players for not getting too aggressive early and trying to outlast others (since there's an actual reward to someone finishing 40th out of 40: your minimum possible score goes up by +1), but doesn't offer much reward late in the tournament, where everyone gets roughly similar point totals.I guess I can see how he could get bent at you for not playing last-longer 'poker' at the FT, though that doesn't mean he's right. From his POV, there's probably a lot more value to outlasting others at the FT since your min
  13. I wouldn't worry about it. I routinely got blasted by bar leaguers for +EV plays I made in cash tourneys as well, like betting into a side pot with a quality hand when someone's all in, or open shoving all in when short stacked, because they considered those plays bad. But many of them share and proliferate the same general flaws in their game, which ultimately stunts their development.And playing in the WSOP certainly doesn't assure you're a good player. There's a lot of bad players and dead money in those fields, and some of them do cash despite themselves rather than because of their abi
  14. Well, bubble strat is bubble strat, and Omaha is certainly not a simple, crippled form of poker. And turbos involve a lot more action than the win-and-squat DONs, since there's a lot of work needed to get in the money in a turbo just like most other tourneys.This hand is neither on the bubble nor in an early situation where everyone is near even. This is another one of those DON 'oh no should I even play this at all?' hands.
  15. Yes, I see your point in weighing equity. We have great draws to great hands. I like getting our money in with edges. We can bet the flop as long as our odds of folding the rest of the group coincides well enough with our odds of making the hand if we get c/r'd and get the rest of our money in to make a flop lead +EV relative to our current chip position.
  16. I'll admit I'm also getting tired of DON hands because the ideal strategy for it is a simplified version of STT NLHE. Basically, win a couple good pots, sit on your stack and wait for the others to busto. I don't see the need for strategic discussion because there isn't much strategy to it.
  17. I'm curious what you did to make the league guy blast you. But I'd get it in because, if BB is as tight as you say he is, he goes away ~90-95% of the time, and the extra BB is an equity boost. In fact, I'm jamming a bunch when 1st in, with position.With the blinds this high, the tournament is a crapshoot at this point anyway. The league dude is a donk, if for no other reason, because he does not realize that. We COULD sit and wait for a stack or two to bust, but I've played a bar league and seen this FT scenario a lot. You'd be surprised how often one or two of the small stacks double up,
  18. This is starting to sound more like FPS. Really, 1) the time to get tricky with a hand against advanced competition is after the flop, not before. And 2) again, if deception's what you're after, there's more value to sometimes raising PF in EP with a wider range of hands... than with limping PF with raising hands, because aside from getting the most value from your best hands... if you limp and someone raises behind you, you have little idea what they may have, or they may limp themselves with a big hand and either way, it's YOU getting trapped.If you're going to limp for deception at all, a
  19. It's great for practicing your shove or fold game, working on your longball strategy, or donking your way to a big stack and trying to play with one in a loose game.There are situations where you can play reasonable postflop poker, but you basically have to double, triple, quintuple up to get that chance, since the donks who double/triple/etc up will just call and raise all day with anything.It's great for getting a handle on some strategic mechanics, but in few ways does it resemble a true cash tournament.
  20. Another, more way to mix up your play is to raise every time, but play some marginal hands in EP.Really, limping in EP gives away value and invites more weaker hands to outdraw us.
  21. And that's why I leave the chat off.
  22. I think it's a very small iron-lock-read-related case Slack's talking about, against total rocks who wouldn't play anything outside of the prime pairs. He probably pushes this almost every time.
  23. KJ is crushed by AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AJ, KQ. It's way behind to AQ. It's on the wrong end of a race against any other pair. It's behind to AT. What's left in a tighter range?In a wider range we see more connectors and crappy K9, T8, J9 type hands. And the Ace-rag hands aren't necessarily crushing us, holding more like a 60-40, 65-35 sort of advantage. Small pairs and the remaining broadways make up a small portion of an expanded range, if we're looking at ~25%.
  24. If we want our money in immediately, then yes, totally.
  25. If we're gonna bet the flop and we get c/r'd, we pretty much have to get it in. It's funny because, up until recently, I'd have always led this flop, and probably would have gotten it in vs a c/r.
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