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  1. As played, fine. Call down and make villain show you a winner.
  2. Leading every street from the flop was totally fine. You charged what appeared to be drawing hands, and they just never made their hands, it seems. Not much else you could've done there.
  3. What an intriguing hand from one of the best. I freely admit I might've laid 55 down preflop to a 3 bet (though as played I would've called the cap). There's so many layers to the play of this hand that it shows me I've got plenty to learn about SHLHE dynamics.
  4. True on all counts. As played, the turn bet is right on. I'd still have potted the flop, tho.
  5. Hmm... tricky hand. Flop action looks OK. Perhaps bet out on the turn? The flop bet after two checks comes off as a continuation bet from the preflop aggression, rather than a value bet with tp or top set. Villain's preflop aggression and the continuation bet here helps him represent a connection with the K on the flop, whether or not villain's holding a K or KK.Perhaps... bet the turn, and if villain or BB raises the turn, call then c/c the river and make villain show down a better hand?
  6. Maybe he's a fish playing Kill Phil strategy and has gotten really, really lucky, lol... in which case he'd have the nuts here.With AQ I'd say lay it down and pick a better opportunity to get our chips in. Now, if he's doing it every hand, well... we know how that usually ends.
  7. I'd ask for a read but at 10/20, there's none.Generally, I'd pot-bet the flop and the turn to charge the draw, and if villain makes the -EV calldown to chase a flush, or flips over AJ or some other Jx, so be it. But given it's early, villain likely lets it go against a big flop bet unless he has Jx or a big pair, or made an unlikely preflop donk-call with 66. I'd pound the villain with bets to find out.
  8. I've seen a lot of kids on PS lately limping in EP with KK and AA in MTTs and then reraising or calling a shove down once raised.That said, tough call here. Are we sure this re-pop is just chip-leader aggression, knowing he's got the chips to spare if he's called down, or could he be setting a trap and comfortably re-popping with AA-KK-AK-AQ?I'd shove and learn something one way or the other, especially if this was a micro MTT.
  9. A good tight aggressive player sees at least 15-20% of the flops.What's your hand selection like? 2 out of 55 flops off the blinds, with you mentioning that such a ratio is typical, makes me wonder if you're holding out only for premium cards. That's like waiting for Godot. Though that doesn't mean play marginal or trash hands, you may want to open up a bit.Basically, what clingfree said, though another good rule of thumb, if you're gonna loosen up on when you play hands, is to loosen up on the button and in late position, maybe middle position, while remaining tight in early position.There
  10. Hi guys. Funny place to make my first post, but can we really hold it against the OP for not completing 3rd when he was the bring-in, there were 4 good door cards and he only got called?
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