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  1. The Lord giveth and the Lord Taketh away.Like a really bad Santa who just wants to mess with your head. But anyway.....I meant no disrespect to anyone on these forums I appreciate everyone's view point of life and enjoy listening/reading them and thinking it through in my own perspective.How about instead of the word Pride It's replaced with the word "Overconfidence"? This fits as being excessive. Where as Pride is a positive term and should be sought where ever in life you can earn it.Daniel, be Proud of what you've achieved throughout the years. Enjoy.
  2. What does the average poker playing proffesional think about having family and friends and loved ones in the audience?Does it help them I wonder to play at their best?I know sarah isn't that interested in poker so when I am online playing poker, it's not going to be for the usual hour-90 minutes that I can usually play for. But if I'm up early on it's more of an excuse to leave while I still have a profit (of sorts), otherwise it's too easy for me to say the following to myself."I can afford to lose what I bought with me to the table, I've doubled it but it's only been twenty minutes or so."I
  3. Wish I could afford to sit at the same tables he does in Vegas.After being here for a couple of weeks, I respect him as both a poker player and a decent human being.Nuff said.And I think it was the corndog statement that the original poster made. It was unnecesary and far too redkneck for the 21st century.
  4. Sometimes, atleast once a day satanism (please don't go over the top with the reactions to that word I'll describe what it means later), seems to be a better option.Satanism. Probably by todays definition it's the wrong word. It is the opposite of an organised religion. But it doesn't mean Evil, Nasty, Molester. Anti-God.It just means instead of denying the good things about life and ourselves we embrace it. It's (only from the small amount I've read), a believe in nature and realising we are all part of it. Why deny yourself a victory shout after a marvelous pot win? Why deny yourself
  5. I would like to echo the sentiments of Wilderness.Having faith in a God, doesn't mean necessarily you have to stop believing in yourself.We are all unique wonderful creatures with our own distinct (and sometimes hidden) abilities.It's how we use these abilities that matter.If there are pearly gates along the journey that is life (and it's a pretty big cul-de-sac if this is the case), then my God would believe I made the decisions I have made in my life for good. Either for personal betterment, enrichment or making someone else feel good about themselves or about me.Any God that deigns to give
  6. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one."I know what I can afford to lose".and the most dangerous of signs."I won't bet more than I can afford to lose."
  7. The age of the Joe Bloggs is over. It was over a couple of years ago, when you could email anyone concerning anything, be it a politician, superstar or whoever in your field of interest.I think Daniel enjoys the blogs and the internet discussions, otherwise he wouldn't spend the money and (the most important commodity of them all), time.I also believe Daniel wants to promote Poker as much as possible to the widest possible audience, therefore he participates. Sure you need natural charisma and the ability to be nice so people will actually approach you and Daniel has that. Who could say no
  8. The K9 Unit.Boooo. Bad pun alert, bad pub alert. and I should know, check out my name you closet sci fi fan!
  9. Well, I've seen far too many full houses occur in an hour of online poker playing.But then we are playing more hands than would be normal so it's normal we'll see more of the same type of winning poker hands. There are only six.I've even won a pot just because I held an Ace and that was the highest card.Crazy things happen in life and poker isn't that different. Suck it up and hope you're sitting in the golden chair next tournament.I believe in the Random Number Generators that are used on the internet from everything to poker to black jack and roulette. Providing it's not a pseudo-random n
  10. I hope to see the terms used in the above post widely circulated around poker tables for years to come.Just what is the average lifespan of a proffesional poker player anyway?
  11. Any sport, hobby or club requires new blood. Sure the ones that lose and don't learn will leave eventually leaving only the people who can a) afford to lose but enjoy themselves while doing it and B) those that want to learn and get better and make a small profit.Just because someone's playing poker for fun it doesn't mean people should label them as a fish. I've only been playing a couple of weeks and yes I'm under my starting amount, but the hours I've spent playing and the cost of this enjoyment factor is so one sided it's the cheapest "hobby" I've had in months. That and you can decide
  12. Considering breakfast is the most important meal of the day I believe I discovered my perfect combo.I've been a cereal man most of my life. I discovered bacon and egg (and cheese between the two) sandwiches recently and thought it was the bees knees. But I still felt a little ugh, two hours after work (I start at 5am, get up around 3am. I like to be awake atleast before I Start work).Today I had the greatest sandwhich known to man (egg, cheese and bacon), also a cup of coffee and cereal consisting of cornflakes and shreddies.Follow that up with a cigar (I know disgraceful considering the tim
  13. Thanks for that, are there blinds involved to stimulate action? if so what's stopping people from leaving the table and coming back after the button has moved two or three places? Sure you might lose your seat and it's not very sportsmanlike, but it is human.
  14. Sure the IRS might catch up after five years of filing negative income, but by then you'll be taking your millions as well as yourself out to some tropical island that doesn't have an extradition(sp?) agreement.
  15. 15,000 square feet is HUGE!!As long as there's a low limit poker room at the Excalibur then it's good. It says there's poker, but if anyone can tell me more about the ins and outs of playing in a casino I'd be greatful. i.e, is it like a public table where people can come and go, or are they more along the lines of S&G's. Or are there a mixture of both.Is there a charge? Is tipping the dealer a good idea? Is there a rake off the pots, when is the rake taken? Wow, so many questions, but I've only played poker online before.
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