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  1. 116247387its been a long time since i ft'd one of theseweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. I know how you feel. 1.5 months ago I felt the same exact way. Losing all my flips in critical situations etc etc etc. I actually switched games(went to 6max NLHE) to snap myself out of it. It got to a point with me where it was starting to affect my confidence/play. I dont know enough about poker to give you any advice but thats what i ended up doing.
  3. qyayqi should write a book on railing he's def the best out there.
  4. TYVMI just printed out all 44 pages and just glancing over it looks like an awesome read.
  5. i might come out of 4.40 retirement for this
  6. who is "they" took 3982? Tax man??congrats on the cash!!!
  7. lol right now i'm up 10bb's (yes $1) in 563 handsweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. Well I apply, and not because i have been running bad and need the stake. I apply because I am sort of 'starting over' and will be grinding micro cash games alot and i could really benefit from the coaching part of your offer.GL to whom ever you choose.PM sent also!!
  9. Thought i'd post a good hand since i posted that bad hand.Do these clowns do this stuff much at 10NL? I hope so!! Wish i had a full stack obv.PokerStars Game #17966484973: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10) - 2008/06/06 - 22:26:33 (ET)Table 'Brunonia' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: lesnos ($13.70 in chips) Seat 2: xmicho666x ($11.25 in chips) Seat 3: mcceleste ($14.70 in chips) Seat 4: Aaron McC ($8.90 in chips) Seat 6: _Yan_shot_ ($10 in chips) Seat 7: badatmath ($9.85 in chips) Seat 8: wildman11a ($9.45 in chips) Seat 9: fornicator1 ($5.30 in chips) fornicator1: posts small blind $0.05lesno
  10. thats cool, if you got aim hit me up if you want. I like to chat/talk strat/vent/etc. I know it's gonna be a hard grind and a true test of my poker skills and patience but I'm gonna try to learn as much as I can as I go.
  11. Sorry didnt mean to seem like i was just whining or posting a bad beat. Seems like when I run into sets I always pay them off. It is sweet when they turn over a weak kicker or something here but how do you guys sniff out a set? Just instinct or is it something I can learn?
  12. I hope its ok to start my own thread here, I will use this thread to get comments/ advice as i rebuild my br.Right now I have $170 left in my acct and have decided to focus on 10NL until i get to $500 at least.
  13. This seems to happen to me often. Is this just unlucky/variance or do i get away from it?Flopped top pair and bet a little less than the pot.Sorry I will start posting hands in the NL cash game section from now on.PokerStars Game #17965449847: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10) - 2008/06/06 - 21:30:21 (ET)Table 'Robelmonte II' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: PIKPOKIT ($2.15 in chips) Seat 2: deigojd ($18.20 in chips) Seat 3: gong4da ($12 in chips) Seat 4: ChetVilo ($5.90 in chips) Seat 5: WowThatsBS ($12.05 in chips) Seat 6: oror ($13.90 in chips) Seat 7: ekdudeman ($3.85 in chips) Seat 8: wil
  14. I was trying to remember what I have read so I can figure out what books to check out tomorrow, but I can't. It obviously didnt sink in well enough, so for purposes of me getting the best advice out of this thread, lets just say I havent read any books.
  15. Great info thanks for taking the time to post that. Is that br info from Small Stakes Hold'em? I am going to the library tomorrow and plan on checking out a couple books, so which ones will be most helpful in my situation? i have read some books but its been a while and I cant even remember which ones I read really. I'm pretty sure I read SuperSystem2 but would read it again if you guys suggest it. I basically want to start with a clean slate/ fresh head and a $170 br. With that being said, 4.40 180 sng's are not a good choice despite my past success. With a little bad variance I could easily
  16. yea but being tired will be worth it and you can make her happy with 2800!!
  17. I definitely need to spend more time in strat/challenge threads. But its fun to just screw off in gen poker.What is card runners? What does it cost? I actually tried installing PT3 yesterday but had a prob getting it installed which I hear is common with vista. I was just gonna try out the 30 day trial period.Do you multi table? I almost have to anymore out of boredom.
  18. I would really like to play more cash, I like the idea of being able to leave whenever you want. What limits do you play? Fixed or NL?
  19. weird thing is like 3 years ago before I got married my friends and I met some girls there and they wouldnt let us in because we had tennis shoes on. We had on nice shirts, pants etc but wore sneakers. myabe the relaxed the dress code a bit.
  20. I live in KC and when I play live i usually play here. This fight wasnt even in the casino it was downstairs in the "voodoo lounge" a night club which usually blasts jungle music and attracts thugs.
  21. I usually look at porn while playing poker. The thought of one without the other makes me cringe lolsw
  22. its rock bottom to me because I am trying to avoid going totally broke. Looking to make some changes to avoid that.
  23. If any one feels like flaming/ kicking a guy when I'm down thats cool do what you gotta do. If theres any one with some good advice I'm all ears as I feel like I have hit 'rock bottom'. This may be kinda long but i'll try to keep it as short as possible.First my poker background, I started playing in late 05 /early 06 and didnt have a clue. I played mostly sitn gos and some mtts and very few cash games, I had no clue about br mgmt, I would deposit $30, play $5 sng's, go busto and repeat. I lost about $1400 over approx 2750 games, nothing that hurt me financially obv but losing sucks. I had fun
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