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  1. Did this come from one of us? It made the front page of Very Demotivational. Looks like the quote at the bottom is (wrongly) attributed to Gus Hanson.
  2. I've seen West Virginia strippers. I'm gonna go with 0.I've always been weirded out by the idea of strippers in non-strippery places. Vegas strippers, sure. New York City strippers, why not? But Route 30 in York, PA? The whole state of West Virginia? The 3:00 PM mid-week shift anywhere? That just ain't right.
  3. A slightly belated response to all the indoor/outdoor temperature postings. I wound up going into detail because I love it so much.
  4. You could go spend a couple weeks in North Dakota. It would make Iowa look positively balmy.
  5. This thread should have ended after Speedz's post.
  6. Florida ... sunny and pushing 60.Our old house in Virginia is huge, drafty, and cost a fortune to heat with the natural gas it used when we bought it. [Hot water radiators, natural gas boiler.] At the peak of natural gas's cost, it cost us $1,100 a MONTH to keep the house at a miserable, dispiriting fifty-five degrees.Then we spent $6,000 on a coal stove and new chimney. It was almost exactly $3K for each, and you almost always need a new chimney, because coal burns really hot and most 100-year-old chimneys are both too leaky and can't take the heat --also, IIRC, something about coal smoke
  7. 50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to KnowI have a couple of books in this series (genetics and something else that I forget*), and they're excellent. Each idea is summed up in a well-written 3-4 page chapter. Intelligent, goes into just the right amount of depth, at the end you'll know a lot more for a minimum of effort.* Edit: psychology, to have a reminder in one handy place of the classes I took as an undergrad
  8. That doesn't make LG's position look very good, now does it? The rest of Britain had better get busy.
  9. Okay, Strong's it is:http://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/he...jv/shabuwa.htmlAccording to the sidebar, the word "shabuwa," occurs 17 times in the KJV. Five of those times are for this one prophecy (because the word is repeated five times in three verses). So it occurs in 12 separate instances, including this one where it occurs five times in quick succession.In eleven of those twelve times, spanning nine different books, it means a seven-day period, the thing we actually call a week. Only for this prophecy does its meaning suddenly get changed to something different. Every other time i
  10. What?! No way. I demand a recount ... I saw the bracket, was pleased to make the sweet 16, and was quite content to be defeated by you. You totally deserved that one.Not to nitpick, but why is LLY in the West/South division? He's not even on the west side of Manhattan. And isn't VB in California?
  11. You're growing ever more certain of the exact meaning of the word, so it should be easy to supply the Hebrew word itself. I'd really like to see precisely what it is. Probably that. Three options:1) Then the world ended some time around 1955.2) The 63 years nine "weeks" of Israel's existence still don't throw your math off one bit. 69 + 9 +1 = 703) The world hasn't noticed Israel yet.
  12. Curling is a weird addiction: when it's right in front of you (i.e., once every four years), it's the coolest thing ever and you don't know why it isn't televised every weekend. Then it goes away and when you're reminded of it you say, wtf, why did I ever care about that? Then the Olympics start and you rediscover it all over again. I guess that's what "Olympic fever" turns out to be -- susceptibility to bizarre, intense, temporary fandom.In other words, wtf. Talk to me in 2014, if the Mayas haven't replaced all sports with severed-head soccer.
  13. Clearly you need to take more vitamins, then.On a related note, has anyone here had salvia tea? I would prefer making a tea over smoking it, but have only the vaguest directions and no one with much direct experience, seeing as everyone young and dumb enough to be doing it loves bongs, and I don't.
  14. An unpublished dissertation on Middleton's sources. FML.[it's not that terrible, but it's not exactly pleasure reading, either.]
  15. That is ... not very masculine. I'm a regular at a local deli and also a Vietnamese cafe, which I think hits the nice middle you're aiming for. Regular at a natl/intl chain is sad indeed. The deli owner knows my whole order perfectly. I change my Vietnamese order now and then, but the owner still asks how I'm doing and knows that the only way the order will change is depending whether or not we want crispy tofu or spring rolls before the pho. Nicely put.
  16. The NYT article neither revealed new information nor blew anyone's cover (and since when have Republicans been worried about that?). Iran has known from the get-go that it was subjected to a cyberattack, and I'm sure they understood fully who was behind it. The article appeared with the blessing of the government, because they allowed themselves to be quoted in it, and it alluded to _public_ statements made by the outgoing chief of Israeli security. Neither intelligence agency wanted to keep this quiet. They're using it to send a message, likely aimed at North Korea and others.Besides, if
  17. New York Times story detailing the joint US/Israeli Stuxnet attack on Iran's nuclear program:http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/16/world/mi...eral&src=meThis whole incident is fascinating to me.
  18. I hope someone threw away the Bandz and donated a dollar for each one collected, but I'm guessing probably not.
  19. Strong's is only the authority for those who already accept the truth of the bible and the absolute truth of the very interpretation of the word in question -- pretty much the definition of circular evidence. This is what Strong's editors already believe and what its users already believe, so there is no possibility that any word in any verse could ever mean anything that contradicts the evangelical position. For the rest of us, the authority on ancient Hebrew would be ... scholars of ancient Hebrew, who let the words mean what they mean. I was pointing out the mistake, not using it for any
  20. So you're using a site that accepts the prophecy *properly interpreted* (that is to say, with "weeks" not actually meaning "weeks") as truth, in order to "prove" that the prophecy is true. To quote Homer Simpson, "Mmmmm, circular."And you haven't supplied the word itself, nor any usage of it in a non-biblical context in which the word clearly means "7 years" despite actually being translated as "a week."All I'm asking for is the word itself and a neutral third party using it in a sentence. If it's a widely-accepted case of a word having multiple meanings, then that shouldn't be hard to find
  21. The trick is not to be asleep at 4:30. I rarely am.Something from The Onion that puts your job in perspective:
  22. Over Christmas break I read The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, based on a recommendation here. Very good -- it was one of the few books I kept opening in the middle and skimming large chunks of before I sat down to read it from the beginning, so I'd sort of half-read it already.I also read Neuromancer. I like the genre, I liked Neal Stephenson's Snowcrash a lot, but I don't think I like Gibson at all. Spook Country was okay but largely unmemorable to me, and I rather disliked Neuromancer.All reading from here on out will be academic, even my pleasure reading -- over break I picked
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