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  1. Best wishes Daniel. We all know how much you loved her and how huge a part of your life she was. Hang in there man, were all here for you.
  2. Really sad. Poor family to have gone through so much.
  3. lol @ bumping all of suited_up's early fishy posts
  4. this is what i have been saying all along. government regulations are never a good thing
  5. fypand why are people talking about ali nejad? but I do wish gabe and AJ would cut down the chatter a bit.they seem to do it at the worst points and then let you hear the 2nd half of the conversation with no idea what they are talking aboutis the show aired weekly or daily?
  6. I worded that post very poorly. I meant to say he has very littlefact that he is willing to/morally can share. If that is the case, that he has info he cannot share, then the mostrational/moral thing to do would be to not publicly out that person.
  7. I see no correlation between the WPT lawsuit, Russ Hamilton and UB and this current event (except forthe fact that they are all poker related)The fact that you were correct about the first two means nothing.I have been correct about some things and wrong about others, and I am sure you have been too.I just think that jumping to conclusions, with very little fact to back thoseconclusions up, is a bad thing.That said I wouldnt particularly trust either party.
  8. Not all pros. Only the "team full tilt". The other "full tilt pros" only get full rakeback and $35/h as benefits.
  9. I agree there is nothing to clear up, but if forwhatever reason they look into it and seethe action (that he sent him $, they both final tabled and theguy sent him half back) then both their accounts will most likely be frozen.
  10. I love this thread! more pics please
  11. Best thing to do is send them an email andtry to clear it all up.
  12. 1. @DN How are you so sure she is trying to rob people? If you are incorrectand she has legitimate reasons for sueing, you will look like an ass hole.Also I think blaming Clonie for postingthe link without any evidence is a very classless thing to do.If you continue to slam her without giving a reason, you are going to come off like a total ****.That said I am sure you have legitimate reasons for posting these things.But comming out and publicly bashing her without publicly giving a reason is not good imo.2. Exactly how much do the people who investedin FTP make a month? One poster on another
  13. Has anyone else been having problems with connection at tilt?I can connect just fine but every 10-20 minutes the software freezesfor about half a minute and the window eventually pops up saying "Connecting... connected"Its been happening more and more the last few days
  14. As I said above I am back to sngs after 2 months off so I have some stupid questions.Full Tilt Poker Game #8820597667: $14 + $1 Sit & Go (Super Turbo) (67452411), Table 1 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 6:09:57 ET - 2008/11/05Seat 1: Cam Llewellyn (330)Seat 2: toplayr (300)Seat 5: bonniesmom (300)Seat 6: phylby (255)Seat 7: angelairwave (300)Seat 8: Raze3BB (915)Seat 9: bsa42 (300)Raze3BB posts the small blind of 15bsa42 posts the big blind of 30The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Cam Llewellyn [Th Td]Cam Llewellyn? fold?---------------------------------------------------------
  15. Fold. i dont think its even debatable
  16. Havent played sngs in 2 months so my head is a little fuzzy.shove/fold?Full Tilt Poker Game #8806857567: $7+$0.50 Sit&Go (Super Turbo) (67338365), Table 1 - 30/60 - No Limit Hold'em - 10:37:37 ET - 2008/11/04Seat 1: corbett78 (470)Seat 2: jacksback61 (735)Seat 3: kistick (45)Seat 4: gwevolution (180)Seat 5: Cam Llewellyn (240)Seat 6: kapiteinfred (640)Seat 9: Peon U (390)corbett78 posts the small blind of 30jacksback61 posts the big blind of 60The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Cam Llewellyn [As Qc]kistick calls 45, and is all ingwevolution foldsCam Llewellyn raises to 240,
  17. wow, just wow. how can anyone be so dumb?
  18. the website is down too. they are having big problems?
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