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  1. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, Couple things come to mind. 1, does the level (cost) of the tourny figure in here. 2, by raising only 2.5 times the BB arent asking for Calls from say 10,j in position or even if they limped out of position have been playing tight and have some chips. i guess im saying were back to a situational thing again
  2. i guess my real question,( I do understand your ansewer ) I just worded it wrong is. There is a difference between switching gears i think and changeing things up.. if you change up to often can you reach a point where your opponents call more often because they are to confussed , frustrated or steaming somewhat from laying it down to often.
  3. So the question is can you switch gears to quickly. I like to switch things up, when i play i dont play the same hand or type of hand the same two times in a row. Example, raise with Q Q, alittle later overraise J J alittle later limp K K. (provided im actully catching cards like that).. is that too much change up. I ask because i dont like the idea of raising the same 4 times the blind or what ever every time. I know that by changing up a lot i let peope in sometimes and my have to lay down a big pair to a ugly flop.
  4. yeah , you really gotta bet the flop here. if you do , hands over but sense you didnt you have to call the river. Your 2 to 1 pot odds
  5. with a new player at table pushing action pf , i would call with suited connectors so i see a straight here. also there is the 7-7 .
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