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  1. open registrations for xmas?!?great, even if i don't see that news on their site...thank you guys,i let you know if i'll be in!cross fingers!
  2. ok, he didn't answer at my post.....someone who can give me a torrent for caro's pro poker tells.avi size 850MB?!?pleeeeaaaaaseeee
  3. it's awful to ask money for pokerbay invites!where is the spirit of sharing? do you really happy to have 10 bucks for an invite? are you rich then? bah...if there is a good person here, please post a torrent i'm searching for:mike caro pro poker tells.avi its size is about 850mb and i know there is on pokerbay but it's protected. i'm trying to register since august but always says it is full. please PM me a way to download it.thank you for attention
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