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  1. Not true, Even though he was knocked out in the first round, Kurt was included
  2. I mean seriously!!! GOD Im so pissed I could kick something right now!
  3. LOL @ me not being included in volleyball player molester's bff list. We've freaking worked together for almost 5 years now. Have that overweight mexican or undersized gecko hold your garbage from now on.
  4. Im sure when FCP starts "featured loser of the month" youll be first on the list, douche bag.
  5. I didnt realize Checky was coming!!
  6. Why is suited_up such a sissy?
  7. Why is suited_up such a pussy?
  8. Hey nice job buddy. ship to kurtsabigassholewhokickstingsthatcantfightback on ftpThanks
  9. Also pretty sure Kurt boots another can when TT holds.
  10. Why so you can tuck it under your mattress and use it to masterbate to when your mom's not home?.....Freaking Pervert.
  11. Awwww shit. How you been bud? Ever since they got that new mexican he takes me out the back instead of the front when I need to be emptied and I dont get to see you like ever. Weather's finally getting nice. I applied for an outside spot keep your fingers crossed for me bro.Love,The Garbage CanFor Nosup, Dont know if you remember meeting me or not. (Think Salsa covered napkins) but anyways....Boxers or briefs? Also for the record I can bench 145
  12. Not a problem Jamie.Between your stylish good looks and my pimp ride the ladies will be all over us.Also Kurt Ive heard about how you swing a golf club and I have nothing to worry about.
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