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  1. But if we start value betting wider, we lose more when they inevitably river trips.
  2. Just kidding. It's now about Breaking Bad.You guys see the huge bluff Walt pulled off that one episode? omg that was amazing!
  3. I find it curious that pretty much everyone has disagreed with the OP, yet OP seems to only be offended by BigD who was probably one of the few guys not to troll in this thread.
  4. The reason I don't like a c/r is because I like bet/folding more. Bet/fold accomplishes pretty much everything a c/r does, we get called by worse hands, and we lose less when we are beat. We don't even need to bet that big. 2800-3200 is plenty. And I'd do this if I thought villain was passive and doesn't get out of line that much. If I had seen him be more aggro and spazzy, then I'd check with the plan to check/call to get him to bluff. Based on the reads OP provided, bet/fold sounds like the best option.
  5. Would rather stab my eyes out than grind these.
  6. Lies. I assumed you retired after the binking the milestone :)btw I'm now positive Royal Tour got a second account.
  7. Holy **** I will never understand why inexperienced players looking to 'learn' can be so dense when pretty much every player that has more experience/success than them disagrees with their logic.You say villain will slow down if we c/r. You say villain will always have us beat if he jams over our c/r. You say villain will double barrel more often if we c/c than if we c/r. You say that since we're deep in a tournament, villain is very unlikely to fire off big portions of his stack with marginal holdings. You're wrong. Donk, Trueace, and highwaystar have played a ton of online poker successfully
  8. Hand 1: If we weren't the first one to limp I think limping is fine as is folding. I don't like raising since in most cases we're going to be in a multiway pot. And unless we hit 2 pair+ or a big draw, it's going to be hard to win the pot. Range balancing is never an issue in a 1/2 game so I wouldn't worry about trying to work weaker hands into your raising range.Post flop depends on the reads we have on the SB and BB. Against guys that I know won't fold Kx here it's a snap raise once the BB makes it $15 (like everyone has said, make it around 45). But there's also a bunch of nitty players tha
  9. Met donk4life in Vegas. Nice guy. Good at poker. Fish at PLO.Same for Trueace except I can't comment on his PLO skills.
  10. Kinda sad he jammed but I think calling down is the best line on this board. Not much point to raising since most value hands he has are barreling anyway. There's no real draws he can bet/call with, and he can just blindly punt his stack with whatever air he decided to lead.
  11. The limp preflop is fine. Would really like to know why so many others think we should be raising after 2 limpers with everyone remaining in the pot being fish (since none of them are topped up) that are probably not folding.On the flop, again since the players aren't topped up, their range for getting their stacks in is going to be pretty wide. Doubt either of them don't get stacked with any Kx hand and the shorter stack may just punt something like 65 or 88 cuz he has a pair. So facing two jams I'd be pretty happy calling off.
  12. James, not betting the turn with the royal is burning money.Jamming river is by far the best play too.
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