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  1. Congratulations Strat on properly ****ing the Bruins.
  2. I assume I can now put Life Coach on my resume.
  3. Imagine the worlds of flavour that will open up when you try a different restaurant!
  4. I'm pretty far from a Leafs fan but Marner/Matthews/Nylander are super fun to watch, even on different lines.
  5. Agreed with this completely, except I also wonder how he will be in about 4-5 months.
  6. It's not my heart that's going to explode after viewing the spoiler.
  7. https://fi.google.com/coverage deal breaker for me haha
  8. Is the View New Content button broken for everyone else too?
  9. Good luck guys, see you on the other side.
  10. Napa, Strat - maybe tilty would be willing to shed some weight loss tips?
  11. Damn, that's cold. Much like chrozzo.
  12. "Thanks. Some people think we look alike but I'm sure you agree he takes after his mother." Then walk away muttering about how that bitch left you.
  13. Concur. **** cancer in its stupid *******.
  14. So you've been laying around in bed since mid-June and couldn't post a single "I'm dying-ish" post? Dead to me.
  15. We knew you weren't really dead. You were just resting! Beautiful plumage...
  16. Congratulations, you're an Above Average Republican.
  17. I'm waiting for mine because I refuse to buy the 7. Not too thrilled about it though so if I hate it I will return it but don't know if I'll get a 6s or a SE.
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