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  1. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...3659&highlight=
  2. That seems to happen to me a lot as well.In part it's a function of the coin flip discussion that went down here a month or so ago. The longer you play, the more certain it becomes that you'll eventualy lose the chips in front of you. Strong play can compensate for most of it so that the best players would have to play a near infinite number of hands before it happened while the merely very good players will see it from time to time.One of the major reasons it happens to a lot of players is playing marginal edges instead of waiting for large edges. If you get all your money in every time yo
  3. I love hands like that in O/8. Jam it preflop and if the flop comes high, keep on jamming it. If the flop comes low, check and fold.
  4. It was fun. Lost about a dollar, but I was pretty distracted by a NL tourney running at the same time. Finished 93rd out of 1537 peeps, paid out 2.5x my buy in.
  5. I'll join in if I can grab a seat. Player name on Pstars is LBCat
  6. It's a shame to see a discussion degenerate into grammar flames or school yard "I'm smarter than you are" arguments.It's self apparent that Epistemic is well read and probably well educated. Sure, some of her posts come across a bit heavy handed, but to use her academic writing style as a means of countering her points seems silly. She's also correct that several posters here are in grad school, law school, or otherwise involved in academia.On the other hand, if you're going to post your term papers here, I suggest capitalizing the first letter of each sentence. While you're at it, using "u
  7. David Chiu laid down KK preflop in the first tourney of champions. His opponent showed AA.In a tournament a few nights ago I nearly laid down QQ. I should have, as it turned out, I was up against KK.
  8. Four of the players in our regular game have added a sort of jackpot home rule. It all started when we were playing against a fish that swore up and down that he never lost playing J5 and proceeded to go all in with it to catch a runner runner straight. After a few days of Motown jokes we came up with the following...If any of the 4 of us win a pot with J5 beating a pair of queens or better (doesn't have to be pocket queens), the others pay him 5 bucks. So far, only one has collect. On an AJ9 flop I was holding AQ against J5. All the money went in on the flop and the turn was a 5. Not on
  9. The purpose of that bet is to tell you that a pot size raise will make them fold. If they insist on making tiny bets into large pots I see no reason not to take the pot away from them.
  10. The comment about collusion brings up a questions for me. Recently I got my friend to switch over to UB so that we could play together (and I could get the referral bonus). When we're both on, we nearly always play at the same table, and we're from roughly the same area (45 min apart, but both in the greater LA region). He's even logged on from my place, so it'll show us both logging in from the same ISP. We've also both logged on from the same mutual friend's house.Occasionaly while we play, we'll chat on yahoo messenger. There's nothing to prevent us from colluding but we don't -- we're
  11. I finaly had to take one player off of my fish list because he leaves any and every table I sit down at. Not worth chasing him anymore.
  12. Y'all are missing the beauty of the bet pot button.In the low limit NL games, fish bet pot with strong hands and make minimum bets with weak hands, and never ever use the slider bar. It's the best tell I've found yet in online poker.Take the bet pot button away, and suddenly bluffs vary in size dramaticaly.
  13. I also have trouble laying down that kind of hand in that situation.My only critique of how you played it is this:In the early rounds of low buy in tourneys online (and even RL) the field hasn't thinned enough for a 5x blind raise to be enough. You would have been called with a 10-15x the blind raise by an inferior hand. That doesn't change things post flop, but if they're going to chase with inferior cards, why not make them pay for it through the teeth?Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bet pot button on UB. It's the primary reason I play there. That said, I love it live NL games, not so much
  14. You made several mistakes.Mistake 1) You played emotionaly.How do I know this? Day 2, you skipped skiing to play more poker. You had a great day on day 1, and couldn't wait to keep on playing. You were so excited to play that you blew off your friends and jumped right back in to the game. Mistake 2) You let your ego rule you.You brought your friends back to watch you play. I refuse to believe this had zero impact on your game. You also considered 1-2 to be "beneath you", another sign of ego. Throughout your post you consistently assure us of what a prodigy you are, even though you've ad
  15. I lost my AA to a 93 suited that moved 3 bet me on a flop containing a 3, only to catch a 9 on the turn. A bad beat from a bad player.A week or so later another player moved all in against my aces with 85o and I took all of his money. A bad player doing what bad players all do in the end, losing.Playing live poker I've lost 2 nut flushes to straight flushes in one day before. In 7 stud one night I lost with a 7 card heart flush... to a 6 card heart flush. Between us, we had all 13 hearts. In another 7 stud (live game) I saw a boat beat by quads beat by a straight flush. One day in 5 cons
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