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  1. I'm thinking Daniel briefly addressed this a while back; anyone certainly correct me if I'm wrong (I'm sure that won't be a problem for some around here), but I think he reported playing with him once or twice at Bellagio after it first opened around 1998. That was shortly (maybe months or less) before Stuey died. I also think Mike Sexton had stated at that point in his life Stuey was the "live one" at the table.
  2. Hopefully Canadian, would damn near be worth more right now...
  3. You play cards for a living right? So you should play if you think it's a good spot to help your cash flow. I agree with others above as well, say what you have to say one time face-to-face, then be done with it and play some f-ing cards.
  4. When was the last time you made a deal near the end of a big tourney? And do you ever sell any of your action, or simply bankroll yourself for every big event? Thanks!
  5. This is the kind of post that keeps many away. If you'll see, I have oh, about 15 posts, as I don't invest the time at a computer playing fifty-cent SNG's all day while following message board posts.You win though, that's for sure. Next time I'll hop on every goal to update the thread.
  6. The Hawks beat Detroit pretty handily Friday so you can't just go by Sunday.Hawks in 6.
  7. "Vancouver will absolutely destroy Chicago..."Don't be so sure my friend! Decent matchup for the Hawks, and they've beein in Luongo's head for a while.Chicago in 6!!!
  8. So I imagine quite a few dealers will lose their jobs, how long until they're called back after everyone stops playing there???
  9. Just seeing if anyone has any ideas on how to properly structure a home HORSE tourney. I'd like a decent tourney that offers some play, but doesn't last longer than 3-4 hours for 12-16 players. I know typically the game changes with every rotation of the button, but am racking my brain trying to figure out starting stacks, blinds, time increments, etc... Any ideas???
  10. Do they not allow cellphones at the Carribean tourney? Other than very random PokerStars blog entries on their own site there has been hardly any info from DN (or Cardplayer, etc...)
  11. Thought DN had K6, but I could be mistaken. I'm new at this...
  12. I assume the button had King-high, but I don't think we ever heard his actual hand?
  13. My lowly opinion...The money lists are there for money won PLAYING POKER, plain and simple. Whether it's an open tourney, an invitational, PAD, etc, this is still money won playing poker. If a given person wants to be part of the invitational or exclusive group then I guess they should play good enough to place high in big tournaments, or at least work on marketing themselves enough to be visible...
  14. Daniel - Just wondering if you are planning on posting all of your results for 2007, including live, tourney & online sessions. GL!
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